What should we talk about?

I’m going to be on Atheist Talk radio on Sunday morning at 9am, for a whole hour. Greg Laden is going to be interviewing me, and he’s put up a thread asking for questions. Any questions. Go ahead, make me writhe and suffer and struggle on Sunday — I don’t mind, and it’ll be entertaining. Greg also has a sadistic streak, so he’ll have more fun if he can pin me down and needle me for an hour.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me, but fortunately I don’t have to travel too much this time. I’ll be speaking to the Humanists of Minnesota at 10am on Saturday at the Nokomis Recreation Center (2401 E Minnehaha Parkway, Minneapolis), doing talk radio at 9am Sunday on AM950, and speaking to the Minnesota Atheists at 1pm Sunday at the Roseville Public Library. And I think I’ve talked myself into buying a decent pair of shoes in the Big City somewhere in there. Come on around if you’re local; both my talks will be sciencey stuff about evolution and genetics, but I’m always open to random questions in the Q&A, so if Greg Laden doesn’t pick up your suggestions, you can always deliver your zingers in person.