Television alert!

According to Ken Ham, he will be appearing on Anderson Cooper tonight (10pm (9 Central time) on CNN), along with Barry Lynn of Americans United. It sounds a little odd — the day after the state of the union address, they bring on a creationist kook? — and they don’t say exactly what the topic is, although we can probably guess.

Ham is asking for prayers. They won’t help him much against Lynn, who is simply an awesome speaker. It could be fine entertainment.

Actually, prayers wouldn’t help him much if his opponent was Big Bird, either.

Barry Lynn was excellent, but then he always is. The best moment for me was after Lynn stated that what Ham was doing was getting subsidies for a ministry, Cooper turned to Ham and simply asked, “Are you trying to convert people?” Of course he is, but Ham can’t be honest about his intent, so he gulped and went into his spiel about how the Ark Encounter is run by a shell company as a for-profit endeavor. He didn’t answer the question at all.

And isn’t this game of separating the profit-making part of the park into a separate company rather devious? The profits will just go to Answers in Genesis, anyway.

Now you can watch it yourself if you missed it: