I get email

Ah, screw it, I’m not even going to try to unravel this one.

Chose you from many Atheists on the marching band War…

Speaking with many about this act, “its” strange that these atheists would do this, when they spend months organizing their gays parades and atheists events no christians show up with a marching band playing drop your pants and bend over, they were offensive in this act while acting meekly obident to law and Christians as some of said their presents there was offensive knowing they believe not in the Lord, but believe in touching each others rear end while pretending to be of reason! {{If christians interrupted a gay parade like this they would have rioted, christians are amazing}} You being a Good man of Gods science “i” learn now that death/satan has been found the 8 unclean spirits of satan that our Lord forewarned us of long ago which cause all unnatural acts of Mankind from homosexuality to Yes Atheist literally the infection of Life on earth that causes the symptom called doubt/unbelief! Go to the about page and proof in the news and science page of the site below many truths/proofs He comes…

For proof of the Lords now finished mystery Rev:10:7, and much on the Children of Adam and Eve unmarred who are being called by their God for This days Epic gathering go google Adam and Eve seed gathering medical ministry and on the home page as the about page and services page are many proofs, literal images of the 8 unclean spirits of satan/death now found by Science, which has finished Gods mystery making the way straight for the Now Epic return of God Rev:10:7…IT HAS BEGUN…{{Also on the site mentioned above http://www.adamandeveseedgatheringminist… are many christian paintings and even leafs from Ancient Bibles {{On the Christmas and Holy Word page}} that can all be zoomed and copied for this His special season, also much Word on the about page of Gods Love For His Mighty Daughters of Destiny, and His Mighty Sons Who protect them….MERRY CHRISTMAS..contact page is for questions/gathering..}}

He’s written to me again.

My friend “i” am hearing from many of your gay friends this morning, thank you very much it is they whom “i” try to reach more often than not! {{Now that Gods code/keys has given us the cause of homosexuality as exposed on the about page of His gathering website}} YET, Those who are of science are more under attack than just your average Joe, so “i” contact their organizations around earth pointing out that they the science community has now proven Gods laws and Mystery as He prophesy He would do long ago this Day, and generation! Rev:10:7, “i” tomarrow am sending out my waking sounding letter to science whom “i” speak with around earth, as many politicians and elect of earth! So as stated thank you {{the cussings and porn filth “i” have received due to your site is not truly Good, but “i” have had several that are not so bad}} so Enjoy this day GOD has given you. And expect the letter with many proofs which are sent out around earth tomarrow…much Respect to a man of Gods Word creation called science…r.p.berry/Elijah paul Moses