Make a smart decision, Illinois

In the governor’s race in Illinois, just the fact that he’s Republican is sufficient that I would discourage you from voting for Bill Brady. There’s also this video in which he claims to believe in both creation and evolution, but I have to say I found the interviewer more annoying than the wanna-be governor.

There’s a point where he’s hectoring Brady, telling him there are only two sides, he’s either got to be in favor of some garbled version of young earth creationism/intelligent design creationism, or he’s in favor of evolution. The interviewer insists on this despite Brady stating that he’s a theistic evolutionist, that his god created the world and evolution was the tool that he used to create humans.

It’s a very silly notion, but it’s still a real and commonly held position that is not synonymous with fundamentalist Biblical literalism. It’s wrong, but you aren’t going to show that it’s wrong by falsely pigeonholing a proponent into another, wronger position. It was very annoying to listen to someone who didn’t understand creationism trying to use his ignorance to bludgeon the dope.

So please do vote against Bill Brady. But do so for the right reasons, OK?