Michael Behe’s son has a surprise

He’s come out: Behe’s son has abandoned Catholicism and is an atheist.

It’s actually a bit sad: he comes right out and says that he’s an anti-theist, but that he’s never told his parents (I guess the news is out now!). It also sounds like he’s a bit estranged from his father, saying “I really dislike my father”. He’s still living with them, but is “quarantined” in the basement so he doesn’t contaminate his brothers and sisters with his weird godless ideas.

It’s a very interesting discussion, but I just have to say that seeing fathers and sons unreconciled, even if the father is a bit squirrely, is rather depressing to me. I simultaneously want to praise the younger Behe for being smart and articulate, and also urge him to make peace with his family while he can.