Because everyone knows men like to have something to look at?

A teabagger has won the Republican primary for the senate in Delaware…and now everyone is predicting that Christine O’Donnell doesn’t have a chance in the election. She’s too crazy, they say, she’s a fringe kook, and she can’t possibly get elected…but then, she got elected in the primary, didn’t she? Let’s not get cocky. Especially since she doesn’t like that sort of stuff. Here’s a 90s video where she is talking about her major concern at that time: she opposed masturbation.

I really like that last line of hers. This is why she doesn’t like masturbation.

If he already knows what pleases him and can please himself, then why am I in the picture?

Because, apparently, her only purpose in the relationship is to provide a little friction, and the only way she can improve on her man’s experience is by keeping him ignorant. So yes, why is she in the picture?