Still alive!

Isn’t this just the perfect theme song for recent events?

The strike is over. We had a productive discussion with the Seed Overlords, and I think we’ve clarified issues, got some ideas for further progress, and will be working for a Better World in the Future. Don’t expect any sudden changes here, though — we’ve got a Plan, but it will take time to implement, and the most important thing is that we’re going to be holding certain people’s feet to the fire on a regular basis. We could still explode and send little fragments of Scienceblogs hurtling outward into the greater blogoverse…but we’ve also got ideas to keep it all together. Stay tuned.

People who have been concerned about the financial stability of Scienceblogs should rest easier, too. We talked with the CFO, and Sb has its own organizational structure and is largely independent of other enterprises within Seed Media Group, and we’re doing OK. We could be more profitable, but I think every CFO would say that.

We will be getting more tech support, starting next week. The only problem there is that we have a long list of stuff we want done, so it needs to be sorted and prioritized…but we should see steady progress on that front in the coming months.

Mainly, though, I’m just glad to have this nonsense over with. I’ve got things to do. That said, though, there will be a substantial slowdown in posting here for a while, not out of spite, but just because I’m going off to Seattle to hide in seclusion in my mother’s basement and finish the damned book. You can still expect regular updates of stuff to battle over, though, never fear.

Oh, also, I might like this version of the song up top, too.