About that ad predicting the fall of Darwinism in 2013…

I know, I know already. We’re getting creationist and religious ads appearing on the right sidebar.


Seed has farmed out some of their ad space to a generic ad provider, which doesn’t pay us much and which stuffs in ridiculous ads from any old desperate wanker who wants to buy some attention. In this particular case, I know the guy behind the ad: he was one of those obsessed cranks who, for a while, was sending me nagging emails every day demanding that I read his ReVoLuTiOnArY ThEoRy. I guess he got tired of the cold shoulder and decided to buy space on the web, a sure measure of exactly how much validity we should assign to his claims, i.e., none.

Anyway, I read his site so you don’t have to. Really, you don’t: these are ads paid for by impressions, not clicks, so every time you load this page and get served up that ad, you are costing him money. So don’t click on the ad at all, that’s what gives him a sense of accomplishment. The best thing you can do is visit Scienceblogs over and over again, bleeding away the money he sunk into the ad and transferring it to my pocket, and never once click on it.

Anyway, his schtick is really clumsy. He wants you to visit his page in which he makes lots of dramatic claims, and then in order to go on and read more, you have to give him a name and address and get on his mailing list. Don’t do it. It’s like signing up for a subscription to have moldy maggoty tapioca poured in your ear every day.

Here’s what he says if you were to waste your time clicking on his ad. It’s a prediction that Darwinism will expire in a few years.

It’s no different than the Berlin Wall in 1986, Enron in 2000 or the US financial markets 3 years ago: It’s a bubble propped up by academic theorists, atheist zealots, politics and shell games – not hard science.

All that needs to happen is for the right 3-5 scientists to step forward and expose the evolution industry for what it is…. and it’s not a question of “IF”, it’s only a question of WHEN. Darwinism has about 2-5 years left. And when the !@#$ hits the, fan it’s it’s gonna be quite a spectacle.

But that’s not the important part! The real crime is that the “evolutionists” never bothered to tell you how evolution REALLY works. The evolutionary process is neither random nor accident. It’s purposeful, it’s pre-programmed, it’s so ingenious and elegant it takes your breath away.

In fact the evolutionary paradigm I’m about to share with you was first proposed more than 60 years ago. It was an object of derision and ridicule until it won the Nobel Prize for Science in 1983.

No, he doesn’t actually share the secrets with you. You have to sign up for his ego-serving mailing list, and then he’ll tell you. Maybe. He was dunning me with email for a long time, and he never managed to say anything that made sense or even revealed a speck of biological knowledge. He’s an electrical engineer and he’s an idiot. Surprise!

By the way, there is no Nobel Prize for Science. There is a Nobel Prize in Physics, which was won in 1983 by Chandresekhar and Fowler for work on stellar evolution and the formation of elements; I don’t think that’s it. There’s a Nobel Prize in Chemistry, won by Henry Taube for work on electron transfer reactions; even less likely. Then there’s the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, won by Barbara McClintock for the discovery of mobile genetic elements; BINGO. McClintock’s work was certainly surprising, amazing, wonderful…and also difficult to understand, and I can tell you that I’ve always been dazzled by the astounding insight she brought to that work, but no, it doesn’t revolutionize evolution in any way. It’s all pure genetics, no magic, and certainly has no implication of a designer.

As for his claim that Darwinism is in trouble and will end in 2013 — <snore>. It’s a creationist cliche, and they’ve been saying this since before Darwin. Predictions that evolution is doomed have been collected by Glenn Morton in The Imminent Demise of Evolution: The Longest Running Falsehood in Creationism.
The funniest one there is Dembski’s prediction in 2004 that “molecular Darwinism” will be dead in the next five years. The only interesting thing about these predictions is that they set a date for the next creationist-mocking party. See you in 2013!