The Joys of Homeopathy

The video below will hurt your brain, but don’t worry, the pain will make you stronger. This is a mashup of a few homeopaths rationalizing their baloney, mixed in with Star Trek technobabble. One worry is that it might have the side effect of making you hate Trek, which isn’t that bad — Star Trek in all of its versions has been saturated with a woo version of science, anyway.

Wait, don’t cry, don’t curl into a fetal ball and whimper. There is a corrective: good news. British skeptics have been working hard to fight homeopathy, UK doctors have called for a ban on homeopathic ‘medicines’, and the doctors have voted to make homeopathy unsupported by the national health service! Reason triumphs for once!

At least, it triumphs on the other side of the Atlantic. The University of Minnesota still supports homeopathy. I am so embarrassed.

If you don’t understand why rational people oppose homeopathy, maybe you need to read a cartoon about it.