Yay! We’re now free to join campus Christian hate groups!

This makes me so happy. I’ve long wanted to join those lovely conservative Christian groups on campus that have until now restricted membership to heterosexual believers, and now I can. The Supreme Court has ruled that universities may refuse to recognize campus groups that violate non-discrimination policies.

Hey, but I didn’t want to join them. I guess the good news is that any organization that tries to claim university affiliation while telling the gay kids at school that they’re hellbound will get slapped down hard and cut off from funding. That’s good news, too!

Oh, and that reminds me — we’re going to have to reboot the UMM campus atheist group again after a year of neglect, while I was on sabbatical. And my daughter, who was the head of it, has moved away to Madison, Wisconsin. So any UMM students who read this blog out there, who’d like to get involved in campus freethought? Email me.

And of course, Christians and heterosexuals are welcome, as are atheists, agnostics, deists, various philosophical weirdos, gay people, asexuals, zombies, and deities major and minor.