I’m going to regret doing this…

…but it is a pretty good rant against the climate change deniers. It’s just that it is from Bill Maher.

I like what he’s saying, but it’s hard to listen to the man when he says, “Mainstream media, stop pitting the ignorant vs the educated and framing it as a debate” and not think that maybe the same advice should apply to Ariana Huffington, or when he says, “It’s scientists vs non-scientists, and since the topic is science, the non-scientists don’t get to vote”, wanting to change that to “It’s doctors vs non-doctors, and since the topic is medicine, the non-doctors don’t get to vote”, something that Maher himself ought to take to heart.

But I do have to mention this one timely quote from Maher.

TV weathercasters [are] divided on global warming. Who gives a shit? My TV weather caster is a bimbo with big tits who used to be on a soap opera on Telemundo.

Lately, I’ve been getting flooded with announcements from kooks that noisy climate change denier Anthony Watts has begun an 18 city tour of Australia. Watts’ only qualification as an authority on climate change is that he was…a TV weathercaster. It’s got me wondering — does anyone know his cup size?