Poor Painter of Light

I’m sure many readers here are fans of Thomas Kinkade — how could we not love a hack who used his pious Christianity to woo franchises into paying him buckets of money to sell his kitsch? — so you may be saddened to learn that his Signature Gallery stores are dying like starving puppies and he’s being successfully sued for million dollar judgments to such a degree that some of his companies are declaring bankruptcy. You’ll be appalled to hear that some people are saying rude things about him.

“Kinkade is a … deadbeat,” said their lawyer, Norman Yatooma, who accused the artist and his Los Angeles attorney, Dana Levitt, of “breaching their agreement” to pay up. “Kinkade’s word is as worthless as his artwork. His lawyer is no better.”

Awww. If Kinkade folds up completely, though, where am I going to get an original of his masterwork?


Now that’s art!