Most appropriately named quack ever

He called himself Dr Woo. He was a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, and even those quacks couldn’t stand him, and disbarred him. He was bringing in female patients, asking them to get naked, and then poking and prodding in places totally unrelated to their complaints. Here’s one remarkably resonant sentence from the article:

Expert witnesses told the hearing there were no acupuncture points in the vagina.

Well, yeah, we can get a flavor of what Woo was doing from that, but I’m left marveling: there are no acupuncture points anywhere, it’s all a load of hokum, so where do they get off rejecting so unambiguously an assertion from another quack? I see claims that sticking a needle in an ankle will fix a problem in an elbow, for instance, so using their own unsubstantiated illogic, maybe dithering about in the vagina is just the thing to fix a case of dandruff.

How about if crazy Dr Woo is followed into disrepute by the whole shady gang of alt-med practitioners?