You can tell where this is going, but you can hardly believe it when it gets there

Some men have a particularly oblivious sense of privilege — these are the kinds of evil freaks who murder their children at the prospect that their ex-wife might get custody. The fact that they are men is used to blind them to the fact that there are these other human beings called women out there who have just as much right to their lives as they do.

Here’s the opening paragraph of a blog post by a self-proclaimed anti-feminist.

When men have something women have less of, such as money or power, women simply take it by force. It’s called affirmative action and feminists believe it’s right. I am not going to argue against that. I accept that as a lost cause. So instead I am going to embrace forced equality and demand it for men as well.

What do women have that men don’t? Vaginas. So poor pathetic Eivend Berge is asserting his right to rape. He’s quite open about it: “it is about time men in feminist countries such as Norway stop thinking of rape as wrong” and “Rape is equality.” You’ll find his type is fairly common among a group who call themselves “Men’s Rights” proponents, where Men’s Right seems to be to maintain economic and social inequities that benefit them.

I’m afraid he needs to learn that legal corrections to a long and ongoing history of economic oppression of women are fair and just, and not comparable to using violence to abuse and degrade and physically and emotionally harm women. I should also point out that women have lived with this fear of rape for essentially the entire history of the human race, so his self-serving manifesto isn’t exactly novel.

Just to warp your perception of rotten males a little more, some of the comments there are all about giving him tips on improving his appearance to be a better pick up artist (PUA). Sometimes I’m really embarrassed by my gender. I’m also wondering now if the fact that we’ve got our oh-so-sensitive testicles dangling gently in a place just ripe for a savage kick isn’t an example of cosmic justice, after all.