Who you callin’ an atheist hacker-cheat?


Those cunning rascals Jesus and Mo also link to a poll…but it’s not the one in the comic, but a poll asking what the best webcomic is. I guess you can go crash that one, then.


  1. Glen Davidson says

    And when atheists do it, it’s part of Satan’s ConspiracyTM.

    When someone hacked some IDiot site last summer or the like, oh yes, it was DarwinistsTM, well worth martyrdom on the DI’s part. Not some worthless dolts at the site not keeping things secure, you know.

    Atheists do it out of their hatred of God, you know.

    Glen D

  2. Boomer says

    I can’t vote for just one! So many good comics: Jesus & Mo, xkcd, pbf, user friendly… but no Dinosaur Comics?

  3. https://me.yahoo.com/a/RPuarI8Lze61hZk1PGjwDbui2fIshFKUh6U8SM6lsg--#d17ca says

    They are up again some stiff competition. The gaming juggernaut Penny Arcade, the simple but aesthetically pleasing xckd, and the now defunct but still hilarious and witty Perry Bible Fellowship (you should read it!).

  4. Sili says

    No Something Positive, either.

    Looks like LICD has brought out the troops on this one. It’s pretty now that Lar Desouza draws it, and it can be pretty fun, but it’s no J’n’M.

  5. alysonmiers says

    The funny part is, I think the Liars for Jebus would miss the joke even when it’s laid out like that.

  6. iHunger says

    I would have been a good poll crasher and voted for them, but then I saw that XKCD was in the running…

  7. ritchie.annand says

    Inspired by the Mike Adams meltdown, or just timely? :)

    I’m intrigued that both Jesus and Mo use Macs.

    Oof, Jesus and Mo vs. xkcd. That’s harsh :)

  8. Nerdette says

    Yeah, that’s a rough one. I put in my vote for xkcd like a good little nerdette, but I know for a fact Least I Can Do has their forces out to crash it as well. It’s no Looking For Group (also by Blind Ferret and drawn by Lar DeSouza), but it’s pretty good.

  9. Rutee, Shrieking Harpy of Dooooom says

    Huh. J and M is down to 0? It was tied with Girl Genius at 9 last I looked.

    Pretty much where it deserves to be, but still, surprising.

  10. formosus says

    Sorry, but I had to go for Perry Bible Fellowship. Had I noticed XKCD down at the bottom of the list, my choice would have been a more difficult.

  11. tuokall says

    Hmm… http://www.nukees.com would have been my choice if it would have been available.
    Sinfest got my vote, as the question was about last decade, if it would have been last few years xkcd would have gotten my vote.

  12. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    There are several good comics on the list. I voted for xkcd, but Jesus and Mo, Sinfest and the Order of the Stick are all worthy.

  13. https://me.yahoo.com/a/RPuarI8Lze61hZk1PGjwDbui2fIshFKUh6U8SM6lsg--#d17ca says

    Sinfest is on there too? Gah, how did I miss that. So conflicted!

  14. https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmHzDpTLP2mp-qpt639sa9q2J8Wl4QREfQ says

    H’mm-An interesting selection ruined by a serious omission, Where is Sluggy Freelance? I mean what other webcomic has a psychopathic lop-eared rabbit with anger management issues and a penchant for flick knives as a character. Beware Bun-Bun will be visiting these other “web comics” …Ka-Click

  15. https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkijn-1gjLr7yBcPwkUddF66jpw2j8ecFc says

    Hard poll! Girl Genius, XKCD and Questionable Content are all on there. I’m going to have to clone to poll-crash0


    (btw, there still seems to be some buggery happening with google logins

  16. cairnarvon says

    The only consistently decent webcomic on that list (and, indeed, any conceivable list) is Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant. Too bad PA still carries some Internet clout, and morons will love themselves some xkcd.

    I mean what other webcomic has a psychopathic lop-eared rabbit with anger management issues and a penchant for flick knives as a character.

    About half of them? I’ll admit it’s often a cat of some persuasion too.

  17. Stogoe says

    morons will love themselves some xkcd

    I do believe them’s fighting words.

    I used to read Something Positive, and then I realized that it was just too depressing for me to read any longer. Still, I’ll always cherish it for giving me “Rocks fall, everyone dies.”

  18. https://me.yahoo.com/a/RPuarI8Lze61hZk1PGjwDbui2fIshFKUh6U8SM6lsg--#d17ca says

    PA is awesome, but I’m one of the nerds who enjoys reading Tycho’s posts, and who else has dickerdoodles?

    I’m honestly a little hurt that they don’t have dominic deegan on there. I believe the only word that can describe it is “epic”. Of course it’s been updating 5-7 days a week for the last eight years so I’m starting to wonder if there is that many people who actually have read them all…

  19. speedweasel says

    Yeah, I arrived and saw xkcd on the list too. So I voted for that.

    Further evidence of the deep rifts in the ‘New Athiestz’ movement.

  20. https://me.yahoo.com/a/RPuarI8Lze61hZk1PGjwDbui2fIshFKUh6U8SM6lsg--#d17ca says

    Now that I’ve been riding the webcomic nostalgia train I’m even more surprised that they were able to narrow it down that much. I imagine some of the stellar webcomics like A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible, Shining Generation Valkyrie Yuki, Dresden Codak, and RPG World didn’t make it because they either don’t update enough or are on permanent hiatus. It honestly took me awhile to even remember the names of some of them, and I was an avid reader.
    (Still can’t find the one that had a supernatural stuffed cow, I believe the last page I read had something to do with a time traveler with a laser during the crusades, can anyone help?)

    I imagine Rice Boy Order of Tales, Subnormality Dominic Deegan, and Gunnerkrig Court probably require too much reading and keeping up with the plot for the average webcomic viewer. Still doesn’t explain the lack of SMBC which has to be one of the best one panel comics on the web.

    And yes I know I read waaaaaay too many webcomics. T.T

  21. John Morales says

    As per one of the comments on the poll site, I’m quite surprised Sluggy Freelance ain’t on the shortlist.

  22. Rutee, Shrieking Harpy of Dooooom says

    Erfworld is a webcomic? I thought it was prose… (Interesting, and would make an awesome comic rather then webcomic, but I love strategy games too much to not like it)

  23. boygenius says

    Wait, what? There’s a webcomic called Girl Genius?!

    *quickly glosses pelt and snines fangs*

    “Well hello there, beautiful. Come here often?”

  24. plien says

    I saw some comics i like and i learned some new comics i didn’t knew, so my favorites thank you.

    But how in the hell does the “Perry Bible Fellowship” get so many votes? I mean, after they “attacked” the poll Jesus and Mo are back at 0% where before they were visible and tied with another contestant.

  25. aratina cage of the OM says

    Perry Bible Fellowship should win because it is not even in print anymore. I finally was able to see some of their work at random and the third one I was served was Sven’s Revenge.

  26. Tree Lobsters says


    No Tree Lobsters either

    Well, to be fair, Tree Lobsters was only active for roughly 10.4% of that decade.

  27. Killua says

    Not even a call from PZ Myers can make me vote against xkcd in a poll. Jesus and Mo has some pretty damn stiff competition.