1. Sven DiMilo says

    Great footage, of course, but I just want to strangle that voice-over guy.

    It’s clearly a misguided attempt to update the wry, flip, detached style of the old Disney “nature” films (which also piss me off, in retrospect) to modern, sitcom-irony-marinated sensibilities.
    And it doesn’t work.

  2. Holytape says

    For arthropod love, at least they didn’t show Enicocephalidae or Cimicidae mating behavior. The latter is unfortunate for the females and the former unfortunate for the males.

    Nautilus love

  3. Blind Squirrel FCD says

    Disney did the scorpion mating ritual about 40 years ago, with fiddle music. Hoedown style.


  4. Peter G. says

    Has National Geographic done some sort of market survey that convinced them only five year olds are watching?

  5. mcscience says

    I found the commentary sober and cogent. After all, it completely lacked slide whistles, rimshots, and bicycle horns.

  6. ryan says

    Someone hired that voiceover guy. Someone then directed him to speak like that. Someone took listened to this and said “yeah, this is good and ready for distribution around the world and worthy of national geographic” and nobody stopped them.

  7. SaintStephen says

    Why wasn’t Love Bites by the Scorpions used as the background music?

    Oh, sorry… that was Def Leppard’s song. Wrong phylum.

  8. Janet Holmes says

    This sort of silliness is what you get when the people in charge don’t actually believe that their subject matter is interesting! Nat Geo needs to get some staff who understand the value of the natural world and realise that the rest of us do too. This crap is why I always prefer English programs to American ones. If it’s not kitsch it’s full of manufactured drama, very trying.

  9. jaybgee says

    I remember searching for octopus/squid/cuttlefish videos on youtube and finding National Geographic videos featuring this horrible narrator. Does anyone know how we can complain to Nat Geo?