UMM graduates Women of Worth

A while back, I asked you all to vote in the L’Oréal Women of Worth contest, which gives awards to notable women who have provided good service to their communities. I was a bit self-interested, because one of the nominees was an alumnus of my university: Shannon Lambert runs support services for victims of rape at Pandora’s Project.

This is an update: she won!


  1. InfuriatedSciTeacher says

    erm… PZ? Something in your post about the lousy prophet with the even worse web design skills crashes IE every time I scroll to it… even on the main page. Not sure it’s something you can do anything about, but wanted to give a heads up. Sorry for the OT, but I can’t even view that entire post, much less comment, before IE dies.

  2. eddie says

    Yaaaaaaay!!!! *kermit-like arm waving*
    Also, I can’t believe it logged me in first time, on opera mini, no less.

  3. Joffan says

    ditto to the InfuriatedSci Teacher. PZ, I request that you illustrate the vile nature of the website with a screenshot rather than trying to wrestle his html issues.

  4. Joffan says

    Thanks for the update to the Rapture v.2009.72 post, PZ.

    And since I thread-jacked first time around, I’d better add my congratulations to Shannon Lambert and my appreciation for her efforts and for all who do similar work.