Life lessons

It was the classic scam. An elderly couple are told they’ve won the lottery, and millions of dollars are theirs…they just have to pay a few taxes and fees first in order to free up the cash. First it was a few thousand dollars, than a few thousand more, than a few tens of thousands, and finally, their savings account stripped dry of about $78,000, they catch on: they’re being conned. It’s a monumental personal tragedy that has impoverished them, and there’s nothing that can be done—the scammers are gone.

There is a lesson to be learned, although these victims haven’t learned it.

“We were going to move into (a) retirement home, but now we don’t have the money. I just want to help other people who are in the same predicament.”

She can’t believe she was fooled for so long.

“We’re honest,” she said. “We were raised Catholic, and we just believe everybody. It’s just torn up our whole life.”

She was raised a victim.

I’m an atheist and scientist. I don’t believe anybody without good evidence.