Skepticon II


It’s another travel day for me tomorrow — I’m off to Skepticon II in Springfield, Missouri, where I’ll be joining a whole group of interesting people. I notice I’m going to be giving two talks (hey, JT, nice surprise!), which shouldn’t be a problem. The first one is going to be important: I’ll be announcing the amazing atheist speciation event that has gone on without our knowing it, and afterwards we have to run off and breed madly, since obviously the only way an intellectual movement can expand is by brute force proliferative procreation. It should be fun! Now don’t you wish you’d registered?

I’ll have to think about what I’m going to say for the second talk. Maybe I should just spend an hour introducing Rebecca Watson, who gets to bring down the curtain on the whole affair. Otherwise, I’ll just throw together a few slides and do an impromptu godless science talk. That’s always easy.