Whee! More jousting!

Peter Irons sent this little comment to Stuart Pivar on receiving the news about his failed lawsuit.

Hi Stu,

Good news! The story is already up on Pharyngula (PZ didn’t waste a
minute) and the mocking has begun. Enjoy!

By the way, what pissed me off the most about you was not the PZ suit, but
your lie about giving the eulogy at Steve Gould’s memorial service. Don’t
ever repeat that lie again.

Here’s Pivar’s rejoinder.

I never said I gave a eulogy at Steve Gould’s memorial.

The day after Steve died I read the Kaddish service at the funeral obsequies in his small library, the minion including the Rabbi, the preparators, artist Steven Assails who made a drawing, and anatomist Eliot Goldfinger who took a death mask. Rhonda Schearer Gould, Helen Matsos and I then accompanied the body to New Jersey for cremation.

Your information re the case is also incorrect. You are seeing the first step in an agreed change in venue.

I’m making popcorn.