A very unusual present

When I picked up my mail this afternoon, I was surprised to find several large boxes waiting for me. I was surprised when I opened them, both by the nature of their contents and by the fact that there was no note to say who sent them. Whoever it was, thank you! I don’t think anyone has ever given me a gift quite as unexpected. I now own…

…a set of disposable vaginal specula and a very nice LED illuminator!

Man, when you’ve got a speculum, everything starts to look like a vagina. I cocked an inquisitive eye at the Trophy Wife™, but she backed away quickly and is hiding from me now.

I am going to be teaching human physiology next year…nah, I don’t think class demos would be a good idea. Not if I want to keep my job.

I know! When I tell spooky stories this Halloween, I’m going to be especially scary.


I’m still going to have to find a volunteer vagina sometime, though.