The goggles! They do nothing!

Ouch. What a painful piece of right-wing kitsch.


I had no idea that Jesus personally delivered the Constitution, or that it was a religious document.

If you go to the site hosting this…thing, you can mouse around and it will spell out the symbology behind all those figures. I rather like the professor; he’s the one on the far right, near the shadowy figure, Satan.

He tightly holds his “Origin of Species” book by Charles Darwin. This represents the liberal lefts control of our educational system. His smug expression describes the attitude of many of the educational elite. There is no room for God in education. There is contempt for any other viewpoints. Humanism dominates the educational system of America and I believe that is wrong. Notice that he is the only one sitting on the top step. He tries to place himself on an equal footing with God, but he is still nothing next to the intelligence of the Creator.

There’s that smug thing again. It’s hard not to be smug when you see this kind of ham-handed kitsch, you know.