I guess I haven’t made it to the big time yet

Liberty University has this new program to adopt a liberal…and then pray really hard for them. It’s a good idea, since if nothing else, it keeps the rapscallions off the street doing something entirely unproductive. Unfortunately, looking at their list of liberals, most of ’em ain’t. Olympia Snowe? Arnold Schwarzenegger? Hilary Clinton? Barack Obama? They’re moderate to conservative. I’ll give them Barney Frank and Barry Lynn, but even there, they aren’t exactly bomb-throwing radicals out to overthrow the government and replace it with communism, free love, and LSD in the water supply.

And Barry Lynn is a minister. I think that means that hostile prayers are repelled with +5 on his saving throw, so it’s a wasted effort already.

I think they should pray for me. I’m much more deserving, and in their theology, actually need prayer much more. I’m so awful, they’re going to have to gang together a team of a thousand devout Christians, arms locked in prayer, 24 hours a day. I sure hope they get on it soon, because I’m feeling a total absence of the Lord right now.