The Fargo experience

I’m keeping busy here — we had a packed house at my talk (which was all wonky sciencey biology stuff) last night, I did a press conference this morning which might get a few soundbites floating around North Dakota, spent a little time on the Christopher Gabriel show on WDAY radio, and now get a brief break before I head over to NDSU for a 2:00 discussion session on atheist activism, which should be fun. I plan on briefly discussing the Creation Museum trip and desecrating communion wafers, and then let other people howl back and forth for a while.

At 6:00, it’s time for the Fargo Theatre and Julia Sweeney’s Letting Go of God, and I need to warn you: it’s a small theater. The audience I had last night would not fit in it. If you’re hoping to go, either go early to get in line, or just figure on going to the 9:30 showing instead and missing my post-movie talk. I’m not planning on posting the talk here, as I usually do, either — I’m writing a book, you know, and a polished and slightly expanded version of this talk will be going in there, so you’ll need to buy my book if you can’t get into the theater.

I am venal and cruel, I know.