Still talking

Jebus, they can’t shut me up. Just got back from the afternoon discussion, which went on for two hours. It was great fun. Of course…

My opening remarks were about being assertive atheists who challenge conventions and do things like desecrating crackers…

…and a priest, complete with clerical collar, was right there in a good seat smack in the middle of the auditorium.

He looked a bit peevish, but didn’t say very much. A few of the other Catholics around him expressed how offended they were, which was fine. They could have taken more time to state their case, if they wanted.

Good times. You should have been there.

Remember, tonight, 6:00, Fargo Theatre…it’s your last chance to get a piece of me. It’s small and it looks like a big crowd might turn out, but if you want to give me a piece of your mind, I’ll be available just outside the theater around 9:30 for a bit. The price for telling me how wicked I am is one beer.