Small inspirations

A couple sent their child to Vacation Bible School (not recommended, not even for the most open-minded atheists — VBS is always an awful waste of time). I like this kid’s reaction.

One couple who said they were atheists decided to give their son a chance to attend one year. On the first day of VBS, when the teacher was explaining the concept of creation, the boy stood and up announced to the other kids, “That’s just a fairy tale.”

Unfortunately, the teacher then shut him up by saying god did it, but it’s a start.

A groundskeeper at a golf course recognized that a strange 10 pound lump of rock was something more: it was a mammoth tooth.

The recent high school graduate told The Grand Rapids Press he knew the tooth exposed by recent rains was from an extinct elephant because he paid attention in his science classes.

There is a science teacher in Michigan who should be proud right now.