I’m going to CONvergence!

On July 2-5, right nearby in Minneapolis, we’re having a SF con, CONvergence. One of the great things all the cool cons are doing nowadays is having a skeptics’ track, and this one is no exception. We’ve got skepchicks (they’re everywhere!) and me on various panels, so you locals ought to show up.

Unfortunately, they shifted the dates a little bit (actually, they expanded it to a four day event), and it now overlaps horribly with my trip to the Nobel conference in Lindau, so I have to miss the first part…but I’ll be there for the last half, all exhausted and jet-lagged, so you’ll be able to push me around entertainingly.


  1. James F says

    Have fun, PZ! Speaking of cons with skeptic tracks, I wish you’d check out Dragon*Con. This year, in addition to great sci-fi guests (Leonard Nimoy, for starters) it features James Randi, Phil Plait, Eugenie Scott, Steve Novella, Rebecca Watson, Pamela Gay, George Hrab, Benjamin Radford, and more.