Radio reminder

This morning at 9am, Chris Hallquist will be on Atheists Talk radio to discuss skepticism of Christian apologetics. In addition, it’s that time of year — find out about godless summer camp, Camp Quest.


  1. Claire Binkley says

    Lovely, I woke up in time for it. This is not especially difficult being at 10:00 my time, but last week I somehow lost control of my sleeping schedule so slept past it.

    I’m slightly nervous to look into Camp Quest at least this year.

  2. ddr says

    Our 13 year old daughter is signed up for the California Camp Quest in July. She is looking forward to it.

  3. Aenthropi says

    Has anyone heard the fruity dietary supplement advertisement that runs hours before the show?

    I head just a few minutes, and I think I want to put something through my ears now.

  4. Aenthropi says

    I think I missed the show. I have been tuning in and hour since 7:30 central and heard only this fruity pill bit.

  5. Greg says

    What a bad time for such an interesting discussion.

    I was at Minnesota’s Race for the Cure this morning at 9:00 or I would definitely have watched it. I’m sure there were other readers of this blog there as well this morning. There were well over 50,000 people there and I’m sure a few of them would have liked to hear this.

  6. blf says

    As I said over in the other thread…

    Don’t think so? You did said it in this thread @3. And @10.

  7. Emmet, OM says

    Re #10: Oops. Wrong thread — I meant to post that in the McGyver Lives thread referring to this one :o)

  8. eddie says

    I think (not too OT, I hope) that it is important that we strike at the heart of what religion is really about.
    Sure have some fun jumping on idiots who are completely fooled by the smokescreen, but concentrate our fire on the real targets.
    I’d appreciate others’ opinions on these real targets. For me it comes down to the personal power weilded by pastors, priests and such, over individuals in their flocks.
    The fact that these p’s appear to be at the base of a heirarchy is to me secondary to the fact that they do the damage on a day to day basis.
    All the anti-science, illiberal, delusional stuff, the heirarchy, etc exists to support the false claim to authority they use to weild power over their victims.
    It is necessary both to highlight the falseness and self-serving nature of the claim to authority, and to point out that, even if there was a god, the self-serving and exploitative behaviour is still evil.

  9. says

    Thanks for the shout-out to Camp Quest, the secular summer camp! We have all the normal summer-camp activities and no prayer! I highly encourage everyone to check out the website and see if there’s a camp near you you may wish to attend. Many of the camps also need volunteer staff. It’s been my privilege to volunteer at the classic Ohio-based Camp Quest (the first Camp Quest program) for 7 years and I can attest to the quality of the experience. It’s quite a good value, in part because of the all-volunteer staff who pay their own way to make each camp work. It’s hard but very rewarding work. Who says you need a church for a sense of community?