1. Mariana Lynch says

    I feel stupid for asking, but 9am Central converts to what in Pacific time?

    Listening in from Vancouver, WA. Awww yeah. B)

  2. says

    Yes, but be ready to put in a zip code for Minnesota. I use the University of Minnesota at Morris.

    And while you’re waiting… One hundred poets have agreed to write a poem for each of the first 100 days of President Obama’s first term in office, that is, each poet writes one poem for an assigned day. You can read them here:
    Hat tip to the Gila Monster blog at

  3. Claire Binkley says

    I’m planning to listen for once. Took me a while to get a Minnesotan zip code figured out but I got it!

    To make it easier for other atheists who want to listen and haven’t gotten to Wikipedia or elsewhere yet, 55455 works.

  4. llewelly says

    I feel stupid for asking, but 9am Central converts to what in Pacific time?

    Subtract 2. 9 am Central is 7am Pacific.
    Fortunately there’s no Daylight Losing Time difference to account for.

  5. Janine, Insulting Sinner says

    It comes on the same bloody time the same bloody day of the week. Or you can go to the Minnesota Atheist site and listen to the podcast. There is no need to bitch and moan.

  6. Mariana Lynch says

    @ llewelly #8

    Damn! I slept in too late. It’s a shame because Sundays my Jehovah’s Witness parents go to church and I’ve got the house to myself.

    I guess it doesn’t matter anyway, their meeting starts at 10:00 anyway.

    Oh well. Thanks for the help. You deserve a power hug:

  7. tmhout says

    Pz, I’ve enjoyed your blog for about a year now, and especially like it when you post a link to one of the anti evolution polls and when i check it later to see that your legions of readers have dutifully, and I sense, gleefully trounced it. I know *I* always join in. This may be a bit OT, but there is a petition to the California Democratic Party calling for the removal of Jay Bybee (of the infamous torture memos fame) by impeachment. He is currently a federal Judge, if you can believe that. It currently has only 704 signatures. I hope that I am not mistaken to think that this is something your readers and fans could let pass without their input. The petition is here

    b. regards,

  8. says

    Otto, please bitch. It serves everyone well. Next week’s show will be on at 9:00 AM central daylight time. Sunsara Taylor will be on the show. See PZ’s link from today for clicking next week.

    Thanks for listening!