Looking for atheist/agnostic blogs?

Here’s a subjective list of the top 30 atheist/agnostic blogs. There are a few oddities in there, though: Fred Clark is going to be surprised to learn that he has left the Christian faith, and The Panda’s Thumb tries to avoid the theist/atheist wars altogether.

Still, the list can’t be all bad since it puts me at #1.

  1. Pharyngula
  2. Friendly Atheist
  3. Cynical-C
  4. Debunking Christianity
  5. Atheist Media Blog
  6. Atheist Eve
  7. Atheist Movies
  8. Atheist Revolution
  9. Bad Astronomy
  10. Bad Science
  11. By the Book Comics
  12. Daylight Atheism
  13. Derren Brown’s Blog
  14. Dwindling in Unbelief
  15. Edward Current
  16. Evangelical Realism
  17. Greta Christina’s Blog
  18. Julia Sweeney
  19. Mid-West Humanists
  20. Negligible Knowledge Base
  21. Religion Comics
  22. Richard Dawkins
  23. SkepChick
  24. Skeptic Blog
  25. Skeptico
  26. Slacktivist
  27. Panda’s Thumb
  28. Primordial Blog
  29. Why Won’t God Heal Amputees Blog
  30. William Lobell


  1. marilove says

    I wouldn’t really consider Skepchick an atheist blog, either. There are quite a few atheist posters and commenters, but there are several theists, too, and it certainly focuses way more on skepticsm in general than anything having to do with atheism…

    Seems this list uses pretty broad indicators or something…

  2. chancelikely says

    Heh, that list reads a lot like my favorites menu.

    Slacktivist isn’t an atheist or an agnostic, if I read his posts right, but rather a very liberal Christian. Maybe the compilers of this list got confused by his awesomeness and put him on the list anyway. (Or it’s because he gives Left Behind both barrels on a weekly basis.)

  3. chancelikely says

    Oops, I see that PZ addressed my point in his opening paragraph. In my defense, reading comprehension isn’t my strong suit before caffeine.

  4. maddogdelta says

    If you ever want to put up the funniest “atheist” blogs, don’t forgot Ray Comfort’s blog

    // withholding the link. Don’t want to take the chance of any stupid leaking through

  5. Lana says

    Oh, great. More places I’ll want to visit instead of getting my work done. And I’ve got lots of work these days since I’m a bankruptcy lawyer.

    Hey, I’ve got foreclosures to stop. Don’t try to distract me. Oooh! Look at the pretty flowers!

  6. Faintpraise says

    I love slacktivist’s blog, he is one of the few Christians I have come into contact with, irl or online, that I have a good deal of respect for. And the comments are always good reading and get into some interesting debates. He has often self-described as an evangelist.

    There are a few here I haven’t had a look at though….hm, I’ve got some reading to do!

  7. Evinfuilt says

    But but… how could Edward Current be on that list. A good Christian like him, I’ve learned so much about God from him. Whatever will I do now knowing he’s a fraud, lieing about his faith. :(

  8. SteveN says

    Well, Richard’s site isn’t really a blog, IMHO. He does sometime contribute an original entry, but mostly it’s news items and articles submitted by others.


  9. says

    Bad Science is a bit of a stretch as an atheist/agnostic blog too. The nearest I’ve seen is eye-rolling about clerics meddling in medical matters in the sidebar miniblog

  10. JRQ says

    Glad to see Evangelical Realism on the list — Deacon’s multi-part dissection of Vox Day’s book is a tour de force.

  11. says

    Slacktivist is an excellent blog, and its writer is indeed a liberal Christian. In fact, about the only time when Slacktivist goes awry for me is when he does discuss Atheists, as he often falls back on tired cliches about them, despite a large percentage of them in his readership.

  12. says

    What an odd list. Apart from the top four and the few ones beginning with P near the end, it’s in more or less alphabetical order (though some aren’t quite sorted).

    Maybe if others want to be near the top of this list “AAA Atheist Aardvark” might be a good title to adopt.

  13. JRQ says

    The link says the top five are in rank order, and the others are an alphabetized “best of the rest”.

  14. Heimdall says

    While Slacktivist clearly doesn’t belong on this list, I think everyone should visit it regularly anyway. One of my favorite sites on the Internet.
    *cough*…though Pharyngula is nice, too…

  15. says

    The Panda’s Thumb tries to avoid the theist/atheist wars altogether.

    Well, aside from bitching about you occasionally.

    Anyway, trying to stay out of the fray is just as bad as promoting a specific view to the “you’re either with us or against us” crowd.

  16. Greg Peterson says

    It’s William LobDell, incidentally (not Lobell), and he has written a fasicnating book coming out soon, “Losing My Religion” about how his time on the LA Times religion beat lead to his atheism. Seeing up close the various high crimes and misdemeanors of the faithful put him on a path toward reason. It’s the first really good memoir I’ve seen come out of the atheist movement (I mean one that is not strictly a deconversion story, used as a prop to make a larger point). In Lobdell’s case, biography becomes philosophy, and it makes for some dramatic reading. I especially appreciated in his book that he gives a shout out to Julia Sweeney, whose story his in some ways reflects.

  17. Clare says

    I love slacktivist too. His Left Behind series is awesome – never has there been such good writing on such bad writing sustained over such a long period – and it remains entertaining and informative throughout!

  18. Sili says

    Derren Brown has a blog?! Damn, I wanna eat that man’s brain (i.e. I can’t actually be arsed to put in the work to acquire any talents).

    I’m mildly amused that the Antichrist, hisself, is all the way down at 22. I hope he doesn’t have much of an ego.

  19. says

    Slacktivist is one of my favorite blogs. I’ve found that it’s more some of his commenters making assumptions about atheists than Fred himself (just had a big row recently, as a matter of fact). Plus, his nearly page-by-page dissections of the odious Left Behind novels are must-reads.

  20. says

    Yeah, it really should have been labeled “atheist/agnostic/skeptical” blogs but that was too long. But that was my thinking when I compiled it, and I put that in the post itself. Alas, titles must be short.

    @Greg Peterson: Doh, I left the “d” out! Thanks for catching that typo.

  21. says

    Feh, just a buncha militant neo-rationalist, neo-secular, neo-atheist and neo-non-theist, neo-militant, fundamentalist science secularists.

    Sam Harris was right.

  22. HenryS says

    Well isn’t this just special:

    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Thursday signed an order establishing a White House office of faith-based initiatives with a broader mission than the one overseen by his predecessor, Republican George W. Bush.

    Obama said the office would reach out to organizations that provide help “no matter their religious or political beliefs.”

    Obama is calling his program the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

    He said in this time of economic crisis, it was proper for the government to be providing help to Americans.

    But no matter how much the government does, “the change that Americans are looking for will not come from government alone.”

    The president will also appoint Joshua DuBois, a 26-year-old Pentecostal minister who headed religious outreach for Obama’s Senate office and later his campaign, to lead the partnership’s office and name 25 religious and secular leaders to a new advisory board.


    Here is one of the new advisors..Frank Page, former Southern Baptist Convention President. Who is a flaming homophobe and misogynist. He makes Rick Warren look like a liberal.

  23. says

    Feh, just a buncha militant neo-rationalist, neo-secular, neo-atheist and neo-non-theist, neo-militant, fundamentalist science secularists.

    Sam Harris was right.

    No idea what you are trying to say John.

  24. Karl says

    I’m surprised that the Atheistexperience blog is not listed. That blog is from the gang in Austin, Texas that sponsers The Atheist Experience live call-in TV show every Sunday, as well as The Non Prophets webcast.

  25. Alverant says

    I wonder how they rated these blogs? What criteria did they use? What did you do that the #2 spot didn’t do?

  26. Holbach says

    JD @ 35

    Is that a pro or con inference to Sam Harris? Whatever, I am glad he is on our side, and he is right most of the time. Sure wish he would comment here on Pharyngula, as he seldoms answers E-mails.

  27. Jason Failes says

    Phil has a point, and an excellent blog.

    Man, this is going to take weeks to get through, not even taking into account all the links in the comments.

  28. says

    The link says the top five are in rank order, and the others are an alphabetized “best of the rest”.

    Thanks, JRQ, that clears up a little bit of the mystery, though they deserve some teasin’ for sorting P after S :)

    It’s a pretty good list. I like Slacktivist as well, although going through Left Behind like that has got to leave permanent damage. The Left Behind experience could be summed up thusly:

    People who are used to assuming their conclusions don’t understand motivation and are willing to ignore everything that doesn’t make their point, kinda like the “I used to be an atheist” stories. This makes their works of fiction suck talking donkey balls.

    Daylight Atheism is another one of my favorites. Thoughtful, and manages to be “nice” without any Sagan-damned “framing”.

    Not that I like “nice” all the time, of course. There’s a reason PZ is at the top of the list :)

  29. says

    Read the Harris comment on Edge.org in reference to (and in defense of) Coyne and it should remind you of a “certain courtier” and his erudite reply.

  30. Holbach says

    JD @ 41, 42

    Thanks for the link. Good stuff. I for one, think science and religion will never reconcile. Science deals with the real and rational, and religion does not.

  31. Jason Failes says

    I assume Obot means “Obama Bot”, one who would hold Obama in uncritically high esteem.

    Given the fracturing of the left in many countries (for example, my own home Canada), I’m just happy that enough Left-leaning and Centrist Americans found enough common ground to elect the reality-based candidate, even if he turns out to be less-than-perfect and less-than-expected.

  32. Patricia, OM says

    OK, I’ll go sit in the sidelines.

    But really you’re expecting a lot, do you think it’s easy being an ignorant slut everyday? *pout*

  33. Janine, Ignorant Slut says

    Posted by: Jason Failes | February 5, 2009

    I assume Obot means “Obama Bot”, one who would hold Obama in uncritically high esteem.

    Funny, I really do not see much uncritical Obama love on this site. I guess it is easier to shot off a blanket statement as opposed to actually having an idea.

  34. Teleprompter says

    @ Patricia OM #19 and Pdiff #22

    Both Cuttlefish and ERV were mentioned in the comments on that thread. The injustices have been mended.

  35. says

    @55: Then you haven’t been paying attention. Of course, now that the Obamassiah has gotten his hand slapped a couple of times for doing things like nominating tax cheats for cabinet positions, or demonstrating that he considers the rule of law to apply only to Other People, I’ve noticed that this blog has become strangely and uncharacteristically silent about Liberal issues and sticking to science (I really prefer it that way…).

  36. says

    So attacking creationism makes me atheist/agnostic? Really? Isn’t that buying into the “Christian nation” idea, in that this country is a monlithic religion?

    EEEEEEK! Who let the astronomer in?

  37. says

    @TX CHL Instructor@#57: This is such fail. There’s a difference between commitment to liberal politics (which is common amongst commenters here) and idolising Obama (which I’ve not seen at all).

    A large proportion the response to Obama here is sniping from the left for being just another centre-right corporate shill. PZ himself has offered only the most grudging support for his and your new president. Show us some examples of Obamolatry (as opossed to merely saying he seems a relatively good guy). If Pharyngulites are as star-struck as you claim it shouldn’t be hard.

  38. says

    Top ~30 Atheist Romanian blogs (not in any particular order)

    This is a country of 22 million people where only 16.000 people declared themselves Atheist in the last census!


  39. Holbach says

    TLP @ 65

    16,000 rational people out of 22 million says a lot for the religious hold on an area strickened for centuries with superstition allied with religion. May the 16,ooo persevere and increase in numbers.

  40. Janine, Ignorant Slut says

    Bric, my snarkiness was not meant for you. It was for the person who posted just before you.

  41. Patricia, OM says

    bric, if you have little interest in sluts, you’re sure hanging out in a saloon that’s full of them.

  42. says

    One of my favorite things today has been the people posting here and at ‘unreasonable faith’ basically saying “Hey, what about my blog? Look at my blog!” :) Probably not the best way to get some readers, in my opinion…

    And not that anyone really cares, or that they’re even the best, but my fav blogs right now, aside from the obviously already listed ones above, are:


  43. says

    Kinda OT – My friend found a Catholic communion kit by the side of the road, with a couple probably-blessed jesus crackers inside. We want to emulate crackergate, but we aren’t exactly sure what to do with them. Suggestions?

    The suggestion box, and video:

    – CJ

  44. Charles Wade says

    Thanks, and Darn You (and no, do not read as “Darnwinist You”)! You have exposed me to Slacktivist and now I am completely hooked. I love your science but he writes better prose. In reality, thanks, why would anyone need television as a diversion? Good investment of time is websites like yours and others of similiar ilk or link.

  45. bam says

    Fred Clark is a Christian, alright, but I love him dearly. He is proof that you don’t HAVE to get a lobotomy to be religious. If any of you guys haven’t red his blog, you should. Go to the archives and read his Page-by-Page dismantling of “Left Behind”. He spent several years doing a post every Friday for that. It is amazing stuff.

    He’s working on LB the Movie now.

    He has opinions on a long list of other things. I have yet to disagree with him about anything but the whole “god” issue, but as far as I am concerned, anyone who has his compassion, his brains, and his fire can go right ahead and believe in a god if he wants to. I won’t think the less of him.

  46. says

    I really hate to do this, but… wait that’s a lie. I really love to do this. Greg Laden and Stephanie Zvan have done the heavy lifting to launch a new blog. I am along thanks to their generosity. This collaboration has yielded Minnesota’s own atheist/agnostic blog Quiche Moraine.

    It’s not in the top thirty yet, but watch for it!

  47. Cheezits says

    Slacktivist may not be an atheist, but his blog is a good one for atheists who want to discuss religion (as long as they are polite about it), along with various sorts of believers.

  48. says

    I managed to find my blog named on the Moderate Christian Webring at one stage! My ‘teach the controversy’ series of pictures was linked to a few pro-evolution Christian sites and for some reason my site ended up on a list of those sorts of sites. I was mildly amused by the idea considering that half the stuff I have on my site condemns me to some particular level of their hell.

  49. Glad Tidings says

    Do you guys realize you’re the mirror image of the fundamentalist Christians you hate so much? They’re all hiding out in their Christian ghetto with their top 10 lists of Christian blogs, etc., and now you’re doing the same with your lists of “all things atheist.” Can you taste the irony like I can?

  50. Odonata says

    Thanks for linking to those blogs, PZ, and for you others making additional blog suggestions. Now I’ve got a lot of new blogs to check out!

  51. says

    Do you guys realize you’re the mirror image of the fundamentalist Christians you hate so much? They’re all hiding out in their Christian ghetto with their top 10 lists of Christian blogs, etc., and now you’re doing the same with your lists of “all things atheist.” Can you taste the irony like I can?


    We better alert the Star Trek fans with their top ten list of blogs.

    And the Medical bloggers and the cooks and photographers and cat fanciers and writers and firearms fans and hell we should let anyone who uses this obscure top ten list idea.


  52. says

    There’s two blogs I read *every day* as opposed to every now and then, and that’s Pharyngula and Evangelical Realism. The latter is extremely underestimated. With all due respect to PZ’s esteemed and highly informed opinions – DD is simply wonderful. Duncan is one of those rare human beings who are not only extremely knowledgeable, but also almost heroically humble. The fact that he’s very well versed (unlike PZ) in Christian theology and STILL produces a mind-blowing critique of Christianity never ceases to amaze and fascinate me