Say hello with a sneer and an attitude…

…to our new colleague, Science Punk. I was a bit disappointed at the dearth of piercings and snarling and tattoos over there, but he’s new, give him time to shred the shiny new joint.


  1. says

    At least the Mormons are not officially opposed to evolutionary science.

    They’re so busy mis-using science to prop up their own additions to the Bible, and apparently to demonize video games, that they hardly have time or energy to try to destroy biology.

    On the plus side, they really bother most fundamentalists…

    Glen D

  2. mayhempix says

    No, no, no!!!!

    How many times do I have to tell you?
    You don’t shred the joint.
    You only shred the bud
    and then you smoke it.

  3. agree says

    And now something from the popular myth of “the modern era”, from the pseudo-science called (neo)darwinism:

    (Entomologist Franz Heikertinger who dismissed the whole “natural selection” explanation of the mimicry had once a great fun of it):

    Darwin was once puzzled by the conspicuos coloration of some larvae. He tried to solve the problem with Wallace and Bates. Darwin himself was so perplexed at first, that he was even afraid of the validity of his beloved “natural selection” fantasy. He wrote in one of his letter:

    “My difficulty is, why are caterpillars sometimes so beautifully and artistically coloured?
    ….I could not answer, but should maintain my ground.”

    (btw. that’s the strong argument of “credulity” neodarwinists still use.) … Dodo-Press

    So Darwin visited Bates but he also didn’t know the answer (1867). Bates reccomended Darwin to ask their friend Wallace. Wallace responded that only he -Darwin- was the man who always know the right answer.
    But Wallace thought that conspicuous coloration might have some “warning” meaning. So those three famous men came to the conclusion that the problem could be explained by “unpalatability” of catterpillars.

    But actually it was Bates himself who proposed such hypothesis some years ago (Bates 1861) in his “mimicry” concept of the conspicuous coloration of butterflies Leptais .
    So those great darwinian sclerotics reinvented in 1867 again the theory of warning coloration which was proposed by one of them in 1861.

  4. G Barnett says

    I’m certain that this “agree” fellow has some sort of point to their post….

    ….but I’ll be damned if I can figure out what it is.

    Tres random….

  5. mayhempix says

    “agree” appears determined to post his inconsequential story on every thread.

    Bourette’s syndrome.

  6. John Morales says

    “agree” @4,

    So Darwin visited Bates but he also didn’t know the answer (1867).

    Geez, you’re up to date, aren’t ya? :) Besides, what’s that got to do with the topic of this post?

    BTW, “[Joseph Lister] published a series of articles on the Antiseptic Principle of the Practice of Surgery describing this procedure in Volume 90, Issue 2299 of The Lancet published on 21 September 1867.”
    (from Wikipedia)

  7. Richard Harris says

    Maybe ‘agree’ needs certainty, such as that to be found in the writings of semi-nomadic sheep & goat herders; texts that have been edited, translated through several languages, and copied numerous times over thousands of years, often from semi-legible texts, & to suit the episcopalian agenda of the authorities.

    And Science can’t provide that certainty.

  8. says

    I sorta figured ‘agree’ for yet one more JAD* puppet/JAD acolyte… It was the fondness for the ‘neo’ in neo-Darwinism. Could be specious, I’ll acknowledge…

    (*A somewhat pathetic phenomenon that always puts me in mind of this poster. But don’t mind me. Just free associating, is all…)

  9. BdN says

    January 1867

    Tuesday 08:

    African American men granted the right to vote in the District of Columbia.

    Friday 11:

    Benito Juárez becomes Mexican president again.

    Thursday 31:

    Maronite nationalist leader Karam leaves Lebanon on board of a French ship for Algeria


  10. Jadehawk says

    “That the more young adults play video games, the more frequent their involvement in risky behaviors like drinking and drug abuse”

    I do wonder if that correlation is stronger or weaker than that of being a member of the football team and “drinking and drug abuse”, heheh. silly attempt at a study. I suppose we should be glad they didn’t get their hands on WoW-players, or else they’d be predicting the end of civilization as we know it :-p