For those who think human bones would make a great gift

Here’s an interesting new blog, Moneduloides, that seems to have an emphasis on human evolution, if you’re into that sort of thing, and it currently has a short list of good texts for Christmas presents. <moan> I’ve done absolutely no Christmas shopping at all this year, so if the economy tanks and my family hates me, it is all my fault. I just have to get out from under this stack of grading first.


  1. lago says

    Oh Good, I am not the only one that has not done a lick of shopping yet…

    I do not feel so bad now…

  2. OneMadClown says

    Sweet, that makes two people who are much smarter than myself that haven’t done any Squidmas shopping either. Thanks for making me feel like less of a dumbass…or at least, a dumbass in good company!!

  3. says

    I was feeling a bit ill earlier today. Is that also your fault, please? I’d love a doctor’s diagnosis of (after translation from illegible scrawl) “It’s Pee Zed’s fault. Drink lots of beer and stay away from the internets.”

  4. Sclerophanax says

    Aw, from the headline I was hoping they’d be actual bones, not books. I for one would be delighted to get a replica skeleton of Homo habilis or erectus for squidmas. They wouldn’t even need to be life-size…

  5. Chis Davis says

    It’s a splendid blog. I recommend the following article from it:

    It seems that, in the midst of plentiful sunlight, burka-clad women in Islamic states are suffering from sun deficiency diseases because of the smothering tents they wear.

  6. Longtime Lurker says

    Everybody under 18 gets a book.
    Everybody between 18 and 21 gets porn.
    Everybody over 21 gets booze.

    Christmas is saved!

  7. Colonel Molerat says

    Ah, Christmas shopping… I refuse to venture into the streets at this time of year, so I’ve done all mine online. I only started ordering on Monday, by Tuesday four presents had arrived. Easy!
    Now, while I recover from this bloody flu that I have caught (despite avoid legions of sickly shoppers parading the streets) I can watch television and wait for more presents to arrive, hurrah!

  8. Andy Allen says

    Only slightly off topic (its about evolution books at least):

    I am reading (and enjoying) Sean B. Carroll’s “The Making of the Fittest.” Yesterday my 8 year old daughter, who is wonderfully inquisitive about all things, particularly if they’re biology related, saw me reading the book and asked me what it was about. I tried to explain a little about evolution, genetics and DNA, but would love to find a book that can take my meager explanation further, while not being too overwhelming for an 8 year old.

    Any recommendations?

  9. marilove says

    I finished almost all of my shopping. I need to hunt Goodwill this weekend to find a warm jacket for my sister (no need for a new one, since we live in Arizona and it’s not cold that often), and then hit Trails for um, a “tabacco” pipe, because hers broke.

    I am an awesome sister.

    But other than that, I’m done! My family is amazingly easy to shop for.

    My dad would LOVE those books. Too bad I am now broke and already bought him a bunch of geeky DVDs.

  10. says


    I’ve heard good things about ‘Life on Earth: The Story of Evolution’ by Steve Jenkins. I have to say, though, I haven’t actually read any of the kids books on evolution myself. I’m sure there are better sources than I out there willing to give you some recs. I know Jane Goodall writes children books now, perhaps she has something published on the topic?

  11. Rey Fox says

    “”Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season” t-shirt or sweatshirt? ”

    Not as long as they use Comic Sans on the shirt. I mean come ON…

  12. Brownian, OM says

    When I was young, axial tilt was called ‘obliquity’. Goldurned atheists and immigrants changin’ the words…grumble…grumble….

    I’d like to take the opportunity to brag that I can fit an entire pair of human first ribs (articulated with the first thoracic vertebra) in my mouth.

    I learned this at a time in my university career when an osteology course coincided with a time when I didn’t have a lot of free cash lying around and so was prone to making odd bets for coffee money.

    /bragging about circus freak talents

  13. Donovan says

    “This is an insult to Christianity. A total insult”

    Woohoo! Now you get it. Yes, it is an insult. I hope you feel insulted, degraded, and dehumanized for cherishing your petty, hateful, and ignorant religion at the expense of the millions of Americans and global citzens you contuously insult at every opportunity simply because they grew up and didn’t need Santa God anymore.

    I hope to build up the courage (and spare cash) to leave a few gifts at our local nativity for the baby Jeebus: a copy of “Origin of Species”, a copy of “Demon Haunted World”, and a copy of “The God Delusion”.

    “Oh! We’re so insulted that you expect us to have reason and civilty, education and comprehension, science and technology! This book we found says that stuff is bad!”

  14. Canuck says

    Well, I did get a couple of things today, but I feel your pain. I’m still grading as well. Finished with one course (the one with exams). Two sets of reports to read now, before it’s over. Must get done by Friday. I can’t take it through the weekend.

  15. says

    I haven’t done my Booze-mas shopping yet either, but that might have something to do with the fact that my Dad and Sister haven’t e-mailed me up their Booze-mas lists this week like they promised they would.

    My Dad on the other hand had already bought me all my presents BEFORE I even gave him my list, meaning I’m probably not getting what I want this year.

    Which makes him a pain in the arse TWICE over!

    I’d be so annoyed with him right now if I didn’t.. ..owe him so much money.