1. Lightnin says

    Woah, it’s 1 AM, get some sleep PZ!

    They do look rather nifty though, if only I could feed craft paper into the laser printers at Uni…

  2. Chris Davis says

    Europe here: take a break, guys. We’ll handle the atheism for a while, with the help of Our Father Rich Ard In Oxford


  3. csrster says

    If I can find someone with a colour printer I might just have to hang these from the xmas tree.

  4. Dinosaur Teacher says

    I’ve been chosen to make my middle school’s Darwin Day program. This is going to be VERY useful for me!

  5. says

    The 2nd law of thermodynamics (aka entropy) says in essence everything is moving from a state of order to a state of disorder. In other words things are breaking down. This law of science is seen in everything from the human body to the automobile in which you drive. Want to deny entropy, never change the oil, fluids, check the air pressure in your tires, fill your car with gas etc, and entropy is going to take place. Now keep in mind this is a law of science. There are very few laws of science because a law of science has to be absolutely the case and be tried many many times before it can be declared a law.
    So think about this for a second if everything is moving from a state of order to disorder as this law of science shows, then that would mean that there was one time when everything was in pristine condition. This would mean that everything at one time was at its best and is now wearing down and eventually will one day wear out. Yet this is exactly the opposite of what evolutionist teach!!! They teach the primitive earth was a flat, ugly, mess. Keep in mind the 2nd law of thermodynamics is just that a law. Why do I emphasize this? Listen to what one evolutionary website proclaims and in doing so denies a law of science.
    “The infant earth that is pictured by scientist today basks in a sun that shines with 70% of its present power (now they say the power of the sun is getting stronger but a law of science denies this!!). A world with no free oxygen in the atmosphere (how can there be no oxygen when they say the ocean existed H2O oxygen is present in water!!!) and no sounds other than wind, the hissing lava against water (H2O!!), and meteorites hitting the earth. (By the way all of this is speculative, there is no evidence that supports this story of the early earth). No plants, no animals, no bacteria, or viruses existed on the earth. From that point on, scientific opinion vastly diversifies. (So most if not all scientist agree up to this point, thus denying the law of entropy!!!). It continues, ” in a steamy world after accretion, earth may have been ( again speculating) a ball of fiery magma. Volcanoes, geysers, and hydrothermal vents would have leached out vital compounds where reactions could ensue (and they call the Bible fantasy??!!)”.
    Anyway you get the point that they say oh the earth was a mess and we are getting better. The 2nd law of thermodynamics a law of science denies this. It says everything was great and is getting worse. Yet what does the Bible say ” and God saw everything that He had made and behold it was very good” Genesis 1:31. The Bible says that in the beginning everything was very good and after the fall of man is getting worse. Not coincidence that this agrees amazingly with a law of science.

  6. says

    I mean the 2nd law again?

    Chris do a little reading outside your sheltered little world.


    He keeps posting the same bullshit over and over in thread completely irrelevant to his nonsense.

    He doesn’t answer when questioned so even the entertainment value is nil.

    In essence hes a total fucking jackass.

  7. Nerd of Redhead says

    Chris Sanford, what you know about thermodynamics is all wrong, and what is right would fit in a thimble. If you think you can out argue those who know what they are talking about, you are sadly mistaken. Time for you to buzz off before your ignorance and bias gets you plonked.

  8. Polyester Mather. DD. says

    Surely you mean “Einstein , Squid, & Darwin ‘

    Otherwise it’ll be turtlenecks all the way down.

  9. Sven DiMilo says

    They teach the primitive earth was a flat, ugly, mess.

    Sort of like modern Long Island, then?

    “Free oxygen” means NOT bound to hydrogen, i.e. O2, dumbshit. Is this the kind of “science” they teach you at Louisville Bible College? Or does the Preaching major not require any science at all? Every fucking sentence you typed above is pure wrong, and yet you come to a blog run by a scientist and read by scientists (and knowledgable others) and presume to spout this kind of crap?
    Bannage, please.

  10. Brownian, OM says

    Ignoring the rude and stupid fuck who knows less about science (and likely Christianity) than the beard trimmings I washed down the drain this morning;

    Fans of pisciform papercraft may enjoy making these models of various Japanese trout. (More trout are on page 2, linked at the bottom of the page). A little tricky to assemble at first, they look absolutely amazing when completed.

    Use cover stock or something otherwise thicker than bond paper for best results. Fillet and serve in a light cream sauce with lemon and parsley (or cilantro). Serves 2.