1. BobC says

    It’s too bad about those students who come to a university knowing nothing about evolutionary biology because their high school teachers were incompetent and/or intimidated by Christian thugs. The obvious solution is somehow rid the world of all religions.

  2. SC says


    Ah – now I completely understand symmetry.

    Not. :)

    When was this?

    Must have been June, since there’s talk of the upcoming Evolution 2000 meeting.

    Here’s the TalkOrigins page that is mentioned:

    The discussion of sociopathy and leadership reminded me of the study I linked to in the comments here (reverse the causation ;)):

  3. says

    I listen to this podcast Monday morning. That way Monday is something I look forward to. PZ, you were great the last time you were on, can’t wait to hear this one.

  4. The Blind Watchmaker says

    Can’t wait for my Sunday jog with the iPod. I am tempted to listen to it now, but I will need a voice of reason as I jog through my fundamentalist, conservative town.

    I’m in Michigan, and this morning I jogged past several signs in yards saying, “Vote No on 2” and “2goes2far”. These were amoung other signs in ultra-religious lawns like, “Pray to End Abortion”.

    Proposal 2 is aimed at supporting stem cell research here in Michigan.

    Vote YESSSSS on Proposal 2 !!!!

  5. SC says

    What is the name of the book PZ referred to on the podcast?

    It’s The Counter-Creationism Handbook, by Mark Isaak. It’s at the TalkOrigins link I provided @ #8.

  6. BobC says

    Amazon sells it: The Counter-Creationism Handbook

    In a perfect world all creationist retards would buy this book, read it, understand it, and then throw out their childish fantasy world. Of course that will never happen. Creationists have absolutely no interest in educating themselves.