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    That new generation of scientists needs to descend of northern Utah and help unlock the mysteries of the prehistoric Hallettestoneion Seazoria dragon remains. The worlds oldest, largest, and the most advanced forms of biological life ever discovered. 130 to 300 ft with 27 inch teeth extinct at 540 million years ago. True sea dragons. (petrified remains)

    Digitalcuttlefish new blog entries have been posted on the Seazoria website at

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    Mike Hallett, I just wanted to let you know I’m a big fan of your work. Just one word of advice, though. Instead of seeing imaginary dragons in random piles of rocks, you switch over into discovering religious iconography in bread products. Thats where the real money is.

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    @Mike Hallett

    I don’t have a PhD in archeology but those just look like rocks to me.

    @everyone else

    Is this an inside joke or does Mike really think this is real?

  4. Nick Gotts says

    spgreenlaw@3 – I think you’re being unfair! I’m convinced Mike Hallett is absolutely sincere, which if its true, makes his work a very interesting case study in “pathologies of rationasl enquiry”!

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    I could be wrong but by looking at how much time he’s devoted to the “sea zoria” project, I’d say he thinks its real.

    If this is a joke then I want in.

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    Nick Gotts,

    Oh, I think he’s sincere, I was just trying to steer him to a more financially rewarding delusion. I’m friendly like that. ;)

    But now that you mention it, this special case is ripe for studying! If only I had a lab coat to don… or anything beyond two college level psychology courses.

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    To each his own I guess. As long as I don’t have to say, “Now children, there is this alternative theory of Sea Zoria which may or may not be true, but I am going to teach it to you and you can determine what you believe“, when I become a distinguished professor.

    On a more science fair oriented topic, has anyone seen the news of the man in Switzerland who strapped a jet powered wing on his back and did a few barrel rolls over the Alps on Wednesday? Talk about a science project.

    I wonder if he has a mild mannered alter ego?

  8. Sal says

    I find it extremely ironic that Georgia Gov. Sonny “Let’s-pray-for-rain” Perdue is honorary chairman of the fair.

  9. davem says

    Re: Swiss man with rocket, here’s an even madder Finn with rockets on his boots, and fuel tank in his underpants…

  10. Ichthyic says

    fuel tank in his underpants

    hmm, might give a whole new meaning to the phrase “big bang”…

  11. me says

    I served as a judge this year and was absolutely floored by the depth and quality, but most especially the passion for science displayed by these kids.

    Well done!

  12. S.Scott says

    This is the part I like! :-)

    The top team project wins a trip to the European Union Contest for Young Scientists in Denmark in December. Congratulations to Jared Vega Goodman, 17, and Jonathan Wang, 16, of the Oak Hall School in Gainesville, Florida for their project on Protection of Neurons Against Injury Using Neuroreceptor-Targeting Nanoparticles.

    Yay Florida!

  13. Purple says

    I totally lost at Regionals xD But I know two friends who are going to International. Yay!

  14. DingoDave says

    I took a look at Alice’s website.
    It’s certainly both entertaining and informative.

    One article I particularly enjoyed was this one, called ‘Good Teaching Moments’. (click on the link to read it)
    There’s nothing in the world that can compete with good networking/blogworking?, for promoting an appreciation of nature and science.
    Thanks for the pointer.