1. says

    YARGHH! Yet another enemy combatant to wage my war against — err, against which to wage my war!

    I’ll assume the two brains that have been shucked from the body are for illustrative purposes and that the posts are being made by the remaining torso-and-limb organisms.

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    It’s Squidward, folks. Spongebob Squarepants is not only a documentary, it predicted the Hexapus.

    Well anyhow, the IDists would claim such a “prediction.” They’ve never understood the point of predictions being entailed by a theory, nor how predictions confirm a theory like our nonteleological MET is confirmed.

    Glen D

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    Good to see it’s finally up.

    I’ll save for my hexapus comments for the PZ post that will undoubtedly appear very soon.

  4. Kerlyssa says

    “The attention-starved mollusc had to fasten himself to the glass of his tank before anyone realised, whereupon this photo was taken – very carefully, as flash photography can be fatal to highly light-sensitive octo- and hexapuses. ”

    And the display is called “Suckers”… I, for one, welcome our new vampiric overlords.