Talk radio for the godless

Remember: listen to the Minnesota Atheists radio program on Air America, tomorrow morning at 9am central time.

Topics tomorrow include Huckabee, an interview with Robert M. Price, and yours truly (with Kristine Harley) in a Moment of Science. We’re going to be discussing useful references for evolution; the segment has been lengthened, so there may actually be time for you to call in.

Please, though, call in with sincere questions — time is limited, and comments, no matter how complimentary, eat up minutes, and whiny creationists who think it’s clever to eat up time with tedious, self-important fussing will be cut off.


  1. Chris O. says

    Everyone PLEASE listen to PZ about questions not comments. That was by far the most annoying part of the first show. People calling in when one of the most famous and awesome atheists of our times, Dawkins, was on the show, and they didn’t ask him ANYTHING, just blathered on about themselves. That was not what I tuned in for, thank you!

  2. says

    Said it before, I’ll say it again: call screeners work WONDERS for these sorts of shows. You know all those nice callers on NPR shows that ask a concise question and then say “And I’ll take my answer off the air”? That doesn’t just happen: a good call screener makes it happen by screening out nuts and nonsense, and then coaching the remaining callers on how to be quick and to the point.

  3. says

    After they aired their first show, they said they’d have it posted for download by the following Monday, I think. It never appeared, at least not obviously, so people who are not in the local area can’t really listen (and no, I don’t stream anything so don’t suggest iTurd)

  4. says

    The download for the show is always posted at the bottom of the show notes when we get the file late on Monday. There’s an RSS feed for the show which you can plug into a browser if you just want to download shows without using a podcatcher.

  5. AllanW says

    Well I’ve been trying for the last forty minutes to connect by realplayer but the server s either slow or non-existant :(((

    I’ll keep trying.

  6. Mercurious says

    Uh did we crash the radio stations website? You know PZ its a good thing you only use your powers for good… well most of the time.

  7. AllanW says

    Yep, it’s the website that is not responding. I’m sure there is no nefarious explanation for this …..

    I’ll have to catch it as a podcast I guess but this stinks as I look forward to settling down on a Sunday afternoon to listen in real time. Particularly looking forward to the science spot with PZ but not to be :((

    Have a good show.

  8. rmp says

    Yea I gave up and finally learned how to subscribe to the podcast via itunes. I’m a little old to keep learning this new stuff. Hope it keeps the mind nimble a little bit longer.

  9. Eric says

    Yes, the Dawkins show was terrible because nobody had any questions. It was painful to listen to. I’m glad he was such a good sport about it.