Seattle, I am seething with envy

I wish I could be there this Friday — this sounds like an extremely cool art gallery event, sponsored by the Cephalopod Appreciation Society. See, Seattle gets a whole society, while Morris just gets me, sitting in a corner, pining for molluscs. If you’re in Seattle, you should go. Tell ’em I sent you.

Please join the CEPHALOPOD APPRECIATION SOCIETY Friday, DECEMBER 7th at the McLeod Residence for an art opening and squid celebration featuring 20-foot Giant Squids made of fabric by NY artist Cassandra Nguyen.

The general reception is from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m., and from 7:30-8:30 p.m., the Cephalopod Appreciation Society will host Squid-inspired Poetry and Music performances daringly paired with Live-Action Blind Drawings of the elusive giant squid!

Please come early to sign-up as a blind drawer – you will be randomly teamed up with a poet or musician, blindfolded, and only given the length of that particular piece to create your work. The giant squid has so rarely been observed by human eyes – we eagerly await the creative insight your blind drawing will provide!

Dedicated to spreading cephalopod love, knowledge & understanding through art and science, the Cephalopod Appreciation Society is going on its sixth year. It’s been a big year for giant squid, and a big year for us. We can’t wait to party with you at the McLeod Residence!

Sincerely, squid girl, Cephalopod Appreciation Society Members, and of course the Chambered Nautilus, Cuttlefish, Octopus and Squid

McLeod Residence
2209 2nd Ave.
Seattle, Washington 98121

Squid-inspired poets and performers will include:
A.K. Allin
Anne Bradfield / Elizabeth Bradfield
Levi Fuller
Rachael Harper
Rebecca Hoogs
Rachel Kessler
Travis Nichols
Melanie Noel
Avery Slater
Cody Walker
Deborah Woodard
and more!

For more information about this event, visit: and


  1. G. Tingey says

    Which reminds me – what happened to cephalapod of the week, last Saturday?
    Was there one?

    I didn’t see one, and can we have two this week to compensate?

  2. says

    Considering how much H20 has been falling on us in Seattle lately, I fear that there may soon be squids perusing the stalls at Pike’s Place market. Squid throwing fish across the counter in front of a crowd of tourists?

  3. SabrinaW says

    Apparently, there was a salmon swimming up one of the flooded highways out here, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see squid invading too.

    Maybe the squid could catch the fish and make it into a salmon-juggling act. Or they could throw tourists to the fish.

  4. says

    …of course the Chambered Nautilus, Cuttlefish, Octopus and Squid

    Unfair to Vapmyromorphs! I protest!

    However, by the grace of Cthulhu, I have a 4 hour layover at SEA from 7 to 11 on 12/7. Hmmmmmmm….