You’ve got almost a month to get it together: it’s the second annual Carl Sagan memorial blog-a-thon. Write something in honor of Carl Sagan by sometime around 20 December. This event got a huge response last year — it ought to be possible to top it this time around.


  1. Anon says

    That’s awfully close to Cephalopodmas.

    I suppose that’s why it’s called “the holiday season”…

  2. James says


    Sagan is an ex-everything. He’s very sadly dead.

    I know you were probably going for the claim that since he’s dead, he has “met his maker”, and no doubt learned his lesson for being an atheist. You probably believe he’s burning in hell or whatever.

    I think it speaks volumes about the kind of person you are, and many like you, would condemn one of humanity’s brightest and most compassionate and most human minds to an eternity of torture by your insane bronze-age monster of a god. Very likely, you don’t know anything about Sagan, other than he’s an “evil atheist”. People like you have never read his works, and have never been moved to tears by his passionate, eloquent love for science, the universe, discovery, and a life very well-lived.

    I know I have leapt to all sorts of unfounded conclusions from that one sentence, but whenever I’ve heard that sort of mealy-mouthed thoughtless drivel uttered, it was always with that sort of intent.

    Carl Sagan is one of my greatest childhood heroes, and an inspiration for millions. I won’t tolerate you denigrating him.

    I probably over-reacted just now, and if you didn’t mean any of that, I apologize. I would be interested in knowing what you really mean by that statement, however.

  3. Onias says

    I personally doubt that Carl Sagan existed outside the minds of atheologians. Even if he did, there’s not enough evidence to think he turned water into wine or walked on water.

  4. says

    Thanks for the plug, PZ! The traffic on my site went through the roof yesterday, mostly due to this post.

    #2: it’s also close to Humanlight.

    #3: Well, every year, a huge amount of people start blogging, so that’s just one reason to think there will be a lot of new people this year.