1. Susan says

    A few years ago, UT acquired a new theme for some advertising promos — “What starts here changes the world” — so the “What changes here starts the world” slogan here is a nice twist.

  2. Ross Nixon says

    Eating primordial soup? Oh what utter sacrilege! You could be stopping a whole new tree of evolution from growing!

  3. says

    If you have some spare agar there is no point in wasting it. Add a little kiwi fruit, chill it in the fridge, delicious. However, avoiding confusion between fresh unused agar and agar that has had someone’s sputum smeared on it is rather important.

  4. says

    After reading the list of ingredients on the back, I’m struck by how little attention the scientific community has paid to the role of barbecue flavor in abiogenesis. This could be a revolution in the making.

  5. JJR says

    “T-sip flavor”…still this Aggie finds it pretty clever.
    Probably does have a hint of tea in it. It also seems to have a hint of the Flying Spaghetti Monster in it, too. Ramen!

  6. Lurhgs says

    Every once in a while something comes along that falls squarely into the “I gotta have that” catetory. True happiness is achived when said item moves from the “I gotta have it” category to the “Lookie at what I have” category. Temporary contentment, fortunately, can be had by moving the item to the “I’m getting it” Category. Of course, if they use UPS, I’m screwed.

    I think the soup needs a bit of flavoring,though. I’m partial to the flavor imparted by the chaos of ID – to the point where I sometimes binge-feed on the critters. The down side, is, or course, all those empty calories.