Help Shelley pay for her education—she’s a poor graduate student

Shelley Batts of Retrospectacle is up for scholarship for bloggers, and she needs your vote. You must vote for Shelley. She once gave me a special cookie in her bed. None of the others have ever given me or you a cookie of any kind, and we aren’t going to get anywhere near their beds, so the choice is clear.

Vote Shelley Batts. The one with the cookies. And the parrot. And the nice blog about neuroscience.


  1. J Myers says

    Why should we believe your account of the alleged cookie-giving? I have no firsthand knowledge of this event, and I see no evidence to suggest that it ever happened. Are we supposed to blindly follow your authoritative command to bestow rewards upon whomever you deem worthy? This sounds awfully familiar….

  2. bybelknap, FCD says

    Is it wrong for me to vote for Shelley if hers is the only blog on the list that I actually have read? Should I sample some of the others or just go ahead and vote for Shelley?

  3. Christian Burnham says

    OK- I’m a stick in the mud- but how about Shelley explains why she deserves to win.

  4. Geta says

    Sorry but nope. I do not want to help her misinform and destroy more lives due to a narrow and biased mindset.

  5. Christian Burnham says

    Geta: Wow! OK… care to enlighten us why Shelley is Beelzebub incarnate?

    I had a look through her blog postings. She seems smart and deserving of a scholarship- but I guess I missed the bit where Shelley calls for mass genocide.

  6. says

    None of the others have ever given me or you a cookie of any kind[…]

    Are you suggesting that one might buy votes with cookies?…

  7. shelley says

    Well, as to why i deserve to win, my thesis research aims to provide insight into genetic and age-related hearing loss, specifically to regenerate the cells we lose as deafness occurs (hair cells). The scholarship would go a long way towards paying off my school loans i have accumulated, as i was responsible for paying my own way through undergrad (my parents could not afford to). Although I wouldn’t have it any other way. I left high school in South Carolina a Southern Baptist and left undergrad an atheist willing to question the status quo and conduct scientific inquiry. Thanks, whoever you vote for. There are many deserving blogs.

  8. Christian Burnham says

    Shelley: OK, OK, you’ve got my valuable click.

    Now… about this campaign to destroy lives that Geta mentioned…. When can we expect you to subjugate humanity into bloody slavery?

  9. Turd Ferguson says

    You’re going to have to capitalize the pronoun I before I will be able to vote for you.

  10. Turd Ferguson says

    Wait a damn minute! You own an iPhone and you’re panhandling for scholarship money? Busted!

  11. says

    Hehe. Yeah, I went without a new phone for 4 years, and scrimped and saved to get it. Its 1000x nicer than my laptop, which cost about $500 3 years go (crappy Averatec, Ick).

  12. Turd Ferguson says

    Did the cookie that PJ spoke of have a funny, slightly skunky smell? If so, may I have one?

  13. potentilla says

    Nah, sorry, I read some of the other blogs, and I think Kimberley Klein needs the money more.

  14. says

    Oh, and it would also be nice to see my folks more than once a year. They live in China (my dad’s job sent him there) and its expensive to fly to see them.

  15. Kseniya says

    Sorry but nope. I do not want to help her misinform and destroy more lives due to a narrow and biased mindset. (Geta)

    Shorter Geta (subject to revision pending more info from Geta):

    Sorry but nope. She’s an evolutionist.

  16. Sivi Volk says

    Kseniya, 27:

    I’m sure you meant to write _evilutionist_. I’m not sure why Creationists have that o->i problem, but it seems to crop up a lot.