1. says

    Yeah, and I was supposed to be grading papers and reviewing a book manuscript. Then I saw posts about something the pope supposedly did and realized that a lot of people had the story wrong (due mostly to bad reporting, bad reporting being the standard of the day). Next thing I know, I’m grinding out yet another blog post.

    But I could stop at any time. I mean, if I really wanted to. I’m sure. No question.

  2. Jen Phillips says

    Alas, PZ, when I work at my computer, I’m often online with NCBI or Ensembl and suchlike, and can always see “Pharyngula” on my Bookmark bar out of the corner of my eye. While I do manage to get some work done on most days, I’m powerless to resist checking for updates from you and your erudite commenters. Having followed the link in this post, I now have a lovely new gerund to apply to my feeble, undisciplined actions: “Faffing”. Woohoo! Look at me faff! I’m unstoppable!

  3. Mike M says

    According to Google Reader, PZ, your blog averages 6.6 entries a day. YOU’RE NOT HELPING!!! Thanks, btw.

  4. FrumiousBandersnark says

    And here I thought the subject of this entry was going to be something about a black hole suddenly appearing in the middle of Ken Ham’s creationist mausoleum in Kentucky, thus creating the infinite vortex of said suckage. I’m disappointed.

  5. CCP says

    me too.

    Hey, I know! Let’s all quit RIGHT NOW! I’m going to! Who will join me?

    Goodbye, cruel blogosphere. I now log off, never to darken your, uh, server port again. If there actually is such thing as a “server port” (I dunno).
    Farewell, farewell virtual cyberfriends; parting is such sweet sorrow.
    I’m gonna do it! Here goes nothi

  6. Christian Burnham says

    I wish I had the discipline.

    I’m practically addicted to Reddit and Digg and Pharyngula and BaBlog and MacRumors and etc. etc.

  7. Maronan says

    Yay! I’m not the only one.

    I generally just cycle through blogs, though. So far, my regular reading list contains Pharyngula, Pandagon, Pooflingers Anonymous, Bronze Blog, Skeptico, and 95%. (Respectful Insolence was recently dropped from my regular list. Don’t tell Orac.) That, and I have two web boards to look at, although FSTDT is down now. This means I can make an infinite cycle solely out of my favorite websites, with no RSS feeds or email!

    Of course, sometimes I escape the loop, but usually end up sucked into my secondary blog list and start reading Infophilia!

    Now insert video games and maybe there’s a new cartoon on JibJab or Homestar Runner?

    I have a sibling who is addicted to Newgrounds, but I’ve managed to fend off that potential waste of time.

    Drat, I’m never going to get any work done! My novel is only part-way through the first chapter and my short story is half done!

  8. says

    The co-worker across the hall was amused when I handed her my ethernet cable and said, “Could you keep this for me for the rest of today?”

  9. AJGoodchild says

    That`s freaky becasue that is exactly what I’m doing right now: intending to update my resume, but actually reading my favorite blogs.