How hot is it? Is it raining?

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what the weather is like where I’m at (“why, no, PZ, I never have, but you’re going to tell me anyway, right?”), I’ve just learned that there is a little weather station directly above my head, accessible via the internet. This is good news, since it means I don’t have to look out my office window before I go outside.


  1. zohn says

    Really helps if your lab is in the basement :-). I once worked in a lab in the basement of our building…couldn’t tell anything about the weather outside without going to the weather page online.

  2. Li'l Innocent says

    At what altitude above your head, PZ? I have an image of an adorable little satellite twinkling and hovering like a beanie propellor, except without the beanie.

  3. ScienceBreath says

    It seems to be outputting its data in some sort of antiquated system of units.

  4. says

    Whoa.. It’s not snowing. I thought it was always snowing in Minnesota.

    This is going to change things for me.

  5. says

    Seems like you’re enjoying similar temperatures me here in Darwin. I love my little Google gadget that allows me to view Sydney’s weather… lets see, it’s 23 C here in Darwin, fine and sunny, now let’s check Sydney… 10 degrees C, raining. Cue evil laughter at the plight of my southern friends and relatives.

    (Actually, I’m told that the reality is that it’s fine in Sydney, though rain and hail is predicted). More evil laughter.

  6. says

    I once looked at the weather page for my area at like two in the morning. It said it was 40 degrees out and foggy. I live in southern California so it was pretty amusing… stupid weather report nonsense. I went outside and damned if it wasn’t 40 degrees and foggy!

  7. Scott Hatfield, OM says

    Well, this is interesting news. Presumably, when you compose a particularly fiery missive from the office, the local temperature will go up. Who knows? Perhaps Pharyngula is contributing to global warming….:)

  8. RamblinDude says

    Way off the topic but since this thread is rife with numbers , there’s great digg on the biblical definition of Pi.

    Pi = 3.000

  9. KevinC says

    The neat little weather bar on my Firefox browser says it is 36 C now and will get up to 42 C Thursday. Another lovely day in Yuma and I will get to freeze in the courthouse because I have jury duty.

  10. says

    Are you sure it’s just a weather satellite, or is it being used to keep tabs on you?

    Soon to be unveiled: The Automated Atheist Tracking System. Brought to you by the Department of Homeland Security.

  11. says

    This is completely unrelated, but of some interest, I think. It seems that all those Christians’ allegations that PZ is a demon-possessed Satanist might actually have some merit.

  12. says

    That’s handy. The weather station directly above *my* head when I was still at university wasn’t internet accessible, so I had to walk across the lab to a window.

  13. kmiers says

    Hey. The humidity is at 94%. The dew point is really getting up there. Think it might be time to “close up” for the day? I’m shuttimg MY windows!