I seem to have sort of accidentally won the Third Annual Satin Pajama Awards, in the category of Best Non-European Weblog. I really have got to be more careful when I sling my readership around—next time, I might put someone’s eye out. It’s gratifying to know the Europeans think I’m not bad for a non-European, even if (especially if?) it means Sadly, No! is going to have to impotently shake their fist at me.

Now I have to work on winning the Best non-Asian, Best non-Australian, Best non-South American, Best non-Antarctican, and Best non-African weblog awards before I move to an abandoned oil platform in the North Sea to win the Best non-North American weblog…and then I shall rule the world!


  1. Christian Burnham says

    You can be defined as that guy who doesn’t believe in God and isn’t resident in Europe.

    Do you also not have a red car? We need to narrow it down just a bit more.

  2. says

    Do you think that theists have an award for “Best Non-Theist/Atheist” blog? You could totally win that one. Even if it was a negative win, like, “Worstest Most Horrible Blogger that Makes the Little Baby Jesus Cry” award. Maybe it would be, in that vein, the “And Jesus Wept” award. Dude, you could so take that one. ;-)

  3. llewelly says

    As an atheist, aren’t you already eligible for ‘Best non-American’ type awards?

  4. says

    Keep this up, PZ, and how long before someone is forced to institute a “Best Non-Pharyngula Award”?!

    Congratulations, again!

  5. Peter McGrath says

    Listen carefully, and you might just hear God killing another kitten. Next time you feel like voting for a heretic, please, please, think of the kittens.

  6. Umilik says

    Moving to an abandonded oil platform, he he he, well maybe you and the Roy of Sealand
    can get together and form the United Abandonded Oil Platforms of the Northsea, that would be UAOPN for short. HA, you could even become a haven for pirates or if none could be found, a tax shelter for the filthy rich. Same difference.

  7. ymr049c says

    Actually, if my Venn diagram is right, you just need to start a European blog and win with that. Then you will rule the world.

    Your way would be funner, though.

  8. stnemmoc says

    I think I found Pharyngula when AFOE or another euro blog linked to After that, I believe Pharyngula linked to Feministe and I started reading that blog too.

    Am I the only American who started out reading European blogs and then came here thinking “wait, Americans have blogs that are interesting?!”