Only marine biologists get to be real rock stars

I’m passing along a request for all you glamorous, photogenic marine biologists:

Are you a marine biologist? Do you want to be in a rock video?
Hello all, this is Toren Atkinson, science lover and lead singer for the Lovecraftian rock band, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. You may, at or listen to/download the mp3 for “A Marine Biologist,” a fun little number about bathyscaphes, benthic trawlers, giant squid, etc.

I would like to create a music video for this track that essentially features marine biologists from across the globe. The idea would simply be a series of video clips of marine biologists doing what they (you?) do, with text at the bottom of the screen detailing who it is we’re looking at, their location and specialty. So, for example, if we got a clip of Dr O’Shea, it would something to the effect of:

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND (and/or specific institution)

The footage doesn’t need to be created from scratch just for the video – I’m perfectly happy with any video of any quality where it’s clear who the marine biologist is, and that he/she/you are in their element doing marine biology stuff – whether that be in the lab, on site recording courtship sounds…whatever.

So the entire video would be like a profile of worldwide marine biologists set to our song. Hopefully the video would appear on various music/TV shows–MTV, Muchmusic, and their equivalents, but at the very least it would go out throughout the internet, youtube, on our site, and into your hands as well to do with as you wish.

To make this happen – I need your cooperation!

If you are a marine biologist and want to help out would you:

a) contact me at or via contact info below and we can work out how to get video footage from you.
b) provide a statement that you give permission for The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets to use the footage and your likeness strictly for the purpose of this music video
c) see also (d) below!

If you are not a marine biologist, can you please

d) spread this around to any marine biologists you know, or anyone you think might know a marine biologist!

THANKS SO MUCH – if we can get this done I think it would be really fun!

Toren Atkinson
302-1015 West 13th Ave
Vancouver BC Canada
V6H 1N1

Psssht. Nobody ever wants us mild-mannered lab denizens specializing in developmental biology for their videos.

If you meet the requirements, though, you’re obligated to get out there and represent for all of us more nerdy scientists!


  1. Christian Burnham says

    Don’t all male marine biologists have big bushy beards? I guess we’ll soon find out.

  2. Jon H says

    They should do the same with their ‘The Math Song’, only with mathematicians.

  3. Mosasaurus rex says

    Seems to me that PZ should get a cameo for being North America’s #1 cephalopod enthusiast!

  4. says

    Just to be clear – old footage laying around is perfect, I’m not looking for new footage custom made for the video (although that’s good too)! Any kind of footage that doesn’t have the rights tied up would be valuable to us.
    And I can definitely throw in a cameo for a certain developmental biologist! Hopefully fondling some tentacles.
    -Toren, from the band.

  5. says

    Do I still qualify as a marine biologist if I study cephalopods, even though I now live in Illinois?

    Hey, man, you go where the jobs are…

  6. Kseniya says

    I think Carole Baldwin qualifies as marine biologist. Doesn’t she? She’s bright, educated, photogenic, and surely knows a hagfish from a codswallop.

  7. False Prophet says

    Toren! Why not film a video for “The Innsmouth Look” and have all those marine biologists sacrificed to a horde of Lovecraftian fish-men? ;-)

  8. Lori says

    Toren, I just emailed you!! I and my colleagues are marine biologists who wrangle sharks, and would love to participate!

    We will be in Vancouver this weekend for a conference- want to meet up?!

  9. says

    I wonder if he’s contacted Randy Olsen (of “Flock of Dodos” fame)….he’s a marine biologist, very personable guy, too.


  10. says

    I wonder if he’s contacted Randy Olsen (of “Flock of Dodos” fame)….he’s a marine biologist, very personable guy, too.


  11. Christophe Thill says

    Longlive Toren Atkinson! This guy is insane. We need many, many more like him.