1. says

    The assigned tasks were rather unequal. Isolate a gene vs. solve the folding problem?

    Well, given his dissertation they probably thought it fair to give him something harder.

  2. says

    Damn Billy Bubba, that science is hard!

    This show might actually serve a great social purpose if it could show just how hard science is compared to other activities. Almost all of us can take dance classes and get at least poorly proficient. But we can’t all be research biochemists, not even bad ones.

  3. says

    Actually doing this (admittedly with serious intent and appropriate activities) would be interesting.

    Of course, isn’t that what PBS does already?

  4. Geoffrey says

    Check out the old Ealing comedy The Man In The White Suit some time. Joan Greenwood talking polymer chemistry in one of the sexiest voices known to mankind.

  5. quork says

    I am reminded of Denise Richards in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough, pretending to be, in her words, “an atomic scientist” (Presumably what real scientists would call a nuclear physicist>. I can’t figure out why she didn’t win an Oscar for that role.

  6. Ginger Yellow says

    God that film (the Bond one, not the biochemistry one) pissed me off. It really put the lie to the claim that post-Goldeneye Bond girls were substantial, even feminist roles. Richards’s entire job in that film consists of three things:

    1) Be the butt of a really crappy sexual pun.
    2) Wear a wet shirt.
    3) Press a button when Bond tells her to.

  7. Jud says

    Oh, Strahan is definitely single, after an extremely public, messy and expensive divorce.

    Fortunately, all I care about is what he does on a football field.

  8. says

    Denise Richards had lines in that movie? I didn’t realize that. But there were a couple of things distracting me when she was on screen.