1. Dennis says

    “Maybe if I talked about epistemology more…”

    Please, no.

    And I mean for that to reflect poorly on epistemology, and not you.

  2. JohnnieCanuck says

    I second that no. I have nothing against epistemology or its usefulness in nailing apologists. I just can’t stand reading arguments from those who like to show off their supposedly deep understanding on the matter.

  3. Why Grandma, I do believe you're flying! says

    Why is Jesus sharing an apartment with Mohammed Ali?

  4. Richard Harris, FCD says

    Aren’t they talking about the barmaid, whom we never see, but only hear? Or is Ophelia moonlighting? If so, she’s got one heck of a commute.

  5. says

    (…but, actually, Ms. Benson did once say she’d love to play the barmaid in the movie, so she probably wouldn’t be the least bit insulted by the ambiguity.)

  6. Sastra says

    I’m a longtime fan of Butterflies & Wheels , and if she comes out with that t-shirt will buy it. It will fit in my drawer right next to “Welcome Squid Overlords.”

  7. stogoe says

    Oh yeah? Well I was once the inspiration for the main character of a mildly-popular webcomic (until it went defunct – creator couldn’t use it to procrastinate any more).

    Sure it wasn’t actually me, but there was so much slight resemblance it totally made up for it.

  8. says

    Better to have clear views about epistemology than not. Of course there’s a high noise-to-signal ratio about some of the issues, and a lot of silly stuff is said about epistemology in various places (some of them, sad to say, nominally respectable). But at the level of Ophelia’s remark, things aren’t impossibly obscure or deep, and a theologian without an answer to her point just looks undressed to me…

  9. says

    Heh heh, PZ – but on the other hand, you should have seen the shade of green I turned when Dawkins wrote you a poem for your birthday. Dude! Spinach wished it could be that green. But I know, I know, you want the poem AND Jesus and Mo. And a pony. Me too.

    Hey, don’t knock epistemology! (Not PZ, obviously – the epistemology slangers.) It’s important – it’s crucial. (And PZ does talk about it all the time, of course.)

  10. says

    Oh, I know it — science is all about epistemology, the whole game of science is carefully laying out how we know what we know.

    We just don’t call it epistemology. We usually just call it science.

  11. says

    Exactly. I just pointed that out on pope thread.

    I guess I lose track of the fact that the word sounds pretentious. Once you’re used to it it’s about as pretentious as ‘screwdriver.’ (I’m even getting almost used to ‘phenomenology,’ although I still have to slow way the hell down to type it.)