1. Eric Davison says

    Ze is so cool. I watched his vlog that he did from Mar. 17 2006 to Mar. 17 2007, and actually have all of them downloaded on my computer as well.

  2. D. Sidhe says

    OT: I have that octopus. It’s hanging on my wall, drives my partner nuts. I didn’t know it was a girl, though. I just liked the toy, but now I like it even better that I know the story.

  3. says

    The Frog works not only on your microphone, but all your computer’s sound sources (tested so far only on Windows, when I get home tonight I’ll check on Linux, but seeing as it’s an SWF it surely should…?).

    I’m watching, currently, the Frog speaking to Monty Python’s Bookshop sketch. This alone is an experience. Can’t wait to try it with a few other audio plays.

    My girlfriend loves frogs. She has toy frogs EVERYWHERE, even on posters plastered over her office walls and plaster, plastic and fluffy frogs on spare shelves around her office, and even more in her storage space. This may well be the funniest piece of software (alright, SWF) I could possibly, humanly (acrinely?) give her.

    PZ, you’ve already made me wish I was a (specifically, YOUR) biology student (yes, even in America) with your many posts. Not to mention, so way cool you ENCOURAGE your daughter to watch one of the greatest television shows in the history of this poor species (not the frogs). Pointing to this is merely an expression of greater coolness. More power and long, happy life to you.

  4. says

    … [censored]it. Linux (or more accurately, the Shockwave Flash 9.0r31 plugin) can only pick up the “Linux Microphone” device (which doesn’t exist). Curses. Debian foiled.

    Anyone else had better non-Windows success with the frog, please?

  5. Vreejack says

    Meh. I can’t get it to work on Windows for some reason. It’s ignoring all the sound sources. *shrug*