Thursday at the Bell

Since somebody asked, I will confirm that I will be at the showing of Flock of Dodos tomorrow. That’s going to be at 7:00pm in the Bell Museum auditorium ($7 admission). Randy Olson won’t be there (rumor has it he’s busy flitting from showing to showing, but Minneapolis just isn’t good enough for him…too far from the ocean or something), but Steven Miller, the executive producer of the movie, will be—so really, you’ll be able to ask in-depth questions about what went into making the movie. It’s a great opportunity. Argue with him, too! A movie and a discussion about how to communicate science; how can you pass it up?

I’m also not doing my usual zip in, zip out routine this time—I’m spending the night in the Big City. That means that if anyone wants to collar me afterwards and force me to listen to your objections to my evil stridency, you can do so! If you buy me a beer, at least.


  1. Hank Fox says

    Flock of Dodos is good! I just saw it at the New York State Museum in Albany, NY.

    It’s funny, interesting, and well worth the time. (You’ll love the ending.)

  2. Greg Peterson says

    Lynn and I plan to be there. I’ll gladly buy you a beer, but I generally like the evil stridency. I’ve even learned a lot from it. So maybe it can be more of a tip than a bribe.

  3. Will E. says

    Saw it this past Saturday at the Raleigh Museum of Natural Sciences. Had a good crowd, although on my way out I brushed by the folks handing out ID literature (still?!), encouraging me to “have an open mind” about their defeated and bankrupt philosophy. And yes, I thought the ending was quite cute.

  4. llewelly says

    PZ: OK, I will buy you a beer this time, I promise.
    Posted by: Greg Laden | February 14, 2007 06:31 PM

    hm, PZ, the atheist, meeting with someone with the same surname as Osama Bin …

  5. says

    Kristine, were you there last night? I was trying to spot you but everybody looked like you yet no one looked like you (mainly because I don’t really know what you look like)….

  6. says


    There is an author of a paper I read some time in the last 48 hours or so who’s last name is Binladen. I thought I had it bad getting on airplanes…

  7. DuWayne says

    Even making the assumption that you’re getting the same snow, my folks in Michigan, are getting – I wish I could be there. Nothing says fun like a good beer and chastising someone with a far more refined education than myself.

    Actually, I would just thank you for the great evolution reading list. It is becoming much easier to keep up with the increasing complexity, of the questions the five year old is coming up with. Although, when he is acting too wild, he will now argue that he is just pretending to be afarensis (we recently watched BBC’s Walking With Cavemen).

    I definately would love to buy you a beer, for the reading list alone. That, and the fact that while watching a cartoon with his mother the other day, that included several “kraken,” the boy came running into the my room shouting about all the “cephel-pods” on the tee-vee.

  8. Scott Hatfield says

    (sigh) If only I lived in Minnesota. I would dearly love the event, and cherish the potent potables afterward—and yes, I would buy. I know some have mocked me for offering to front them a round, but I like beer, and I enjoy stimulating conversation. Living in Fresno, mmm, not so much. Maybe some day….SH

  9. says


    The average snow cover over 80 percent of Minnesota is about 3 inches right now, total, for what is on the ground from all winter. It is pitiful. I think the southern part of the state (not where PZ lives, not the Twin Cities) got some snow over the last day or so, but before that they didn’t have much either.

    Sell you corn futures!

  10. rmp says

    I’m always off by a day (or week). Last year I just missed running into PZ when he was the ‘honorary geek’ (or some such title) at a party at the MN Science Museum. And now this year, I just missed by a day as I as was in Minneapolis taking my daughter to the dir en gray concert.

    One of these years PZ, I’ll get to buy you a beer. And Scott, if your there I’ll buy you one too.

  11. PoliSi says

    I was planning on being there ever since the last post, but I’ve come down with a terrible cold and just want to go home and take a nap with my dog…

    I’m so very dissapointed in my immune system.

  12. says

    Jonathan Badger:

    Randy, will, in fact, be at our showing at the Avalon in Washington, DC

    Yup. I was there, and seeing Randy Olson and Barbara Forrest was an unexpected treat.