Ian Musgrave’s letter should have been published

What’s the matter with New Scientist? Check out Ian Musgrave’s smackdown of Douglas Axe and the Biologic Institute is good stuff.

If Douglas Axe and his co-signers are so badly misinformed about something as basic and well known as the relations between engineers, computer designers and biologists, can we trust their judgment on any research that comes out of this Institute?

The DI claims to be supporting real research…so why is what little emerges from them so bad?


  1. says

    Hey, GWW — Seed has a writeup of more or less the same piece. Nifty.

    Technology and culture are two words it’s delightful to see mentioned with chimpanzees in the same sentence … unless, I guess, you’re a cretinist.

  2. davidp says

    The piece about relations between engineers and scientists that you quote was not in the letter Ian sent to New Scientist. Personally I think his piece about those relationships would have made a more publishable letter than his actual letter.